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Jolly LLB 2 - जॉली एलएलबी 2 (2017)

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Feb 09,2017

Bollywood Movies | Drama

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A blunt, abrasive and yet oddly compassionate Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly, a small-time struggling lawyer who moves from Kanpur to the city of Nawabs to pursue his dream of becoming a big-time lawyer.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Moderate portrayals of violence with some detail, are shown, albeit justified by context. Said portrayals of violence also include some infliction of pain and injury but are not detailed, intense or prolonged. The film contains some scenes of violence where some characters get shot with blood spurts seen briefly. Apart from the depictions of blood spurts, there are no other strong details of injury.
frightening 'Jolly LL. B 2' is a Hindi comedy which revolves around a small time lawyer who takes on a high profile case involving corrupt high ranking police officers. The film contains some suicide references when a character, who is implied to have jumped down from her house, is seen on the road with some blood around her. This is followed by a flash-back sequence that shows the character jumping down from the roof of a house. Expected CBFC Rating: UA

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