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When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil.

May 02,2008

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi

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Tony Stark is the complete playboy who also happens to be an engineering genius. While in Afghanistan demonstrating a new missile, he's captured and wounded. His captors want him to assemble a missile for them but instead he creates an armored suit and a means to prevent his death from the shrapnel left in his chest by the attack. He uses the armored suit to escape. Back in the U.S. he announces his company will cease making weapons and he begins work on an updated armored suit only to find that Obadiah Stane, his second in command at Stark industries has been selling Stark weapons to the insurgents. He uses his new suit to return to Afghanistan to destroy the arms and then to stop Stane from misusing his research.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Stark is well known as a womanizer, prompting a soldier to ask him whether he's gone "12 for 12" with the models on last year's Maxim covers. Stark says he missed one, but since December featured twins, 12 is still the right number. There are a few other innuendos and sexual comments as well, one of which is a joke about a man mistakenly hooking up with a transvestite. A mistaken identity gag gives a nod to Hugh Hefner. And we see Stark hanging out with immodestly dressed women. Pepper wears a revealing, backless gown. 13:51-14:16 Stark and straight-arrow military man Jim Rhodes ride one of Stark's private jets that's staffed with midriff-baring flight attendants and a stripper pole. 08:55 - When a female Vanity Fair reporter asks Stark how he can sleep at night, Stark answers that he's "prepared to lose a few [hours of sleep] with you." He does exactly that in the film's most glaring sexual scene. Briefly, we see them aggressively kissing, grappling and rolling in bed together. (We don't see any nudity.)
violence In the desert of Afganistan, soldiers get out of their military vehicles and are shot, then screaming is heard. A missile lands on the ground next to Stark and explodes it isn't seen but it is implied that sharple from the missile punctures his heart and he is required to wear a device in is chest to survive, and he is struck and thrown to the ground. Blood seeps through his shirt and there is blood on his face. Stark is briefly seen thrashing and screaming in pain as bloody tissue is removed and an electromagnetic battery is being surgically implanted. Stark later regains consciousness and pulls a long tube out of his nose (we hear squishing as it comes out) but this is done in a comical fashion. The doctor/translator Ho Yinshen is tortured/threatened with a glowing coal that is held very close to his eye. In one scene Tony tells Peper to reach inside a metal cylinder in his chest and pull out a wire. Squishing is heard as she does this, and she complains that it is filled with pus and that it smells. We hear a zap and the man twitches. She puts another device in the cylinder and he is jolted. She pulls her hand out and we see slime on her hand. Several scenes of shooting, there is one scene where citizens are lined up for execution and a man is taken away from his family he struggles but is thrown to the ground and kicked in the chest the terrorist leader then orders him to be executed but Iron Man Intervenes just in time. Iron Man then shoots all the soldiers, including one hostage situation, which is resolved with special shoulder weapons that can each individually target each soldier and kill them before any of them can react against hostages. Iron Man is attacked by two US Air Force fighters, which he tries to elude without counterattacking. However, when he is thrown off after being discovered hiding on the underbelly of one of the fighters, he accidentally collides with the other and critically damages it, forcing the pilot to eject. In one scene Obadiah has group of terrorists lined up at gunpoint by U.S. soldiers he walks of screen then there are several flashes behind him and gun shots are heard (do the math). Many intense action sequences: a shooting sequence, a fight scene with shooting and fire, Iron Man flying around punching HARD, Iron Man blasting, an intense dogfight, and a fist fight with the primary antagonist.
profanity Jesus' name is interjected once. God's name is similarly misused at least a half-dozen times. There are scattered uses of "Damn," "Hell" and "Bitch"; one use each of "Prick" and the shortened "BS."
alcohol Many people drink alcohol at a party, two men drink sake and appear drunk later, a man drinks alcohol, three flight attendants hold glasses of champagne while dancing, and a man drinks alcohol while riding in a military vehicle. A man puffs on a cigar (no smoke is evident), and a man smokes a pipe.
frightening Some of the terrorist scenes could be considered scary or intense. After Iron Man accidentally damages a fighter jet and forces the pilot to eject, his parachute fails to deploy. For a few seconds, the pilot is in free fall in danger of being killed on impact with the ground. However, Iron Man is able to pursue the falling pilot and get the parachute open. A man uses a device on another man and his left side of his face starts to turn red. A couple seconds later it is full blood red and his veins in his head are blue and the veins appear to be bulging out. The opening shootout sequence is very intense, as well as when Stark wakes up surrounded by terrorists at gunpoint.

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