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A group of adventurers go through a wormhole in space trying to guarantee humankind#39;s survival.

Nov 07,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | Sci-Fi

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Sooner rather than later, Earth has been crushed by dry season and starvation, bringing on a lack in sustenance and great changes in atmosphere. At the point when humankind is confronting elimination, a secretive tear in the space-time continuum is found, giving humanity the chance to broaden its lifespan. A gathering of pilgrims must travel past our close planetary system looking for a planet that can maintain life. The group of the Endurance are required to think greater and go more distant than any human in history as they leave on an interstellar voyage into the obscure. Coop, the pilot of the Endurance, must settle on seeing his youngsters again and the eventual fate of mankind.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 0/10 None
violence 4/10 Little to no violence. No gore. A fight scene with no blood shown. Astronauts fight, one pushing another off a cliff, and the two wrestle in their space suits. One cracks the visor of the other's helmet, hoping to murder him. He survives by breathing in less air. The wringling and withering of the astronaut with the cracked visor is intense, and some might expect some physical deterioration, but none is shown, and the character survives. A character is killed without blood or violence. A character is killed after being thrashed around by a giant wave of water. His dead body is shown floating in the water later on.
profanity 7/10 -2 uses of "fuck" (1 missable). -5 uses of "shit." -5 uses of "ass." -3 uses of "hell." -2 uses of "Jesus." -1 use each of "asshole," "God," "Oh, my God" and "son of a bitch."
alcohol 1/10 Two men drink out of beer bottles. Alcohol is briefly sipped at a meeting.
frightening 10/10 Extremely intense and emotional film, dealing with the extinction of mankind itself. It depicts a future Earth that suffers huge dust storms and is running out of food. It is implied billions have died. Emotionally intense scenes involving a father leaving his family behind. He has to leave his daughter at a very young age. Two spaceships are sent into a black hole, an astronaut is in one of them. Some viewers would expect that he would be killed, but he survives. An action scene involving astronauts attempting to evade a giant tidal wave is intense. A life or death situation is intense. A man attempts to murder another man in a fight scene. The victim's helmet is cracked and he is seen suffocating on a foreign planet, writhing around; he is ultimately saved. A character causes a space station to depressurize, despite warnings from another character, which implodes and kills him instantly. A large explosion erupts from the spacecraft and is shown from a distance. If you are watching this in IMAX or in a high volume on a surround sound system, the incident may cause a jump scare to younger audiences. The threat of being stranded in space and humanity becoming extinct hangs over the characters. MPAA: PG-13 for some intense perilous action and brief strong language MPAA (TV): TV-MA-L (TV-Mature-Language) BBFC - (12A) Infrequent strong language, moderate threat, violence. 22/50 OK for kids 12+

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