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A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity .

Jun 05,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror

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After trying to connect with her dead mother, teenager Quinn Brenner, ask physic Elise Rainier to help her, she refuses due to negotiate events in her childhood. Quinn starts noticing paranormal events happen in her house. After a vicious attack from a demon her father goes back and begs Elise Rainier to use her abilities to contact the other side in hope to stop these attacks by this furious demon content for a body .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None. Two teens flirt with each other at the beginning.
violence There is strong horror throughout as a teenage girl is haunted by a malevolent spirit. There are several jump moments as the demon appears behind curtains, pulls a girl from her bed, makes her walk on her broken legs and puts an eyeball deep in her throat. Other moments of horror include a ghost trying to strangle a woman, a demon trying to pull a woman out of a window and an eyeless figure crawling across a floor. There are also verbal references to people killing themselves and sight of a body lying on the ground after a person has jumped from a window. There is a car accident as a young woman is knocked down and some sight of blood on her face as she is treated in hospital. A very disturbing looking ghost with an oxygen mask has the mask ripped off of his face, leaving a gaping hole in his face. Fairly disturbing and violent. A possessed girl with broken legs smashes her legs against a bed until the casts fall off, then walks on her broken legs, with lots of cracking sounds. Fairly gross. A ghost offers a woman a large scalpel, telling her to kill herself so they can be together. It turns out that it is not her husband, and she uses the weapon to attack the ghost. A possessed girl uses a wrench to hit several peoples legs, causing them to fall to the ground. A possessed girl almost slices her throat with a box cutter, but is stopped at the last second.
profanity 2 uses of f--k (one can be barely heard) [one at 1:07:53] and some of "shit" and one of "asshole." One use of "bitch", in a somewhat comedic manor. One middle finger gesture is shown very briefly.
alcohol None.
frightening 10/10 12-15 jump scenes that build suspense throughout the movie, from the MWCB (Man Who Couldn't Breathe) popping up out of nowhere, to loud noises, frightening music, and Elise sitting straight up in her bed. A girl crawls around with stumps for arms and legs and no face (not bloody, but highly disturbing). At the very end of the movie, Elise's dog Mack starts barking at an unseen entity, with only a white face visible in the dark. Then, as the camera switches back to Elise, the Red-Faced Demon from the original film races up behind her out of the shadows. The scene where the main character is crippled lying in bed, and she sees a shadow hunk down behind the curtain which darts down under her bed. She looks under one side of her bed then the other, she she realizes the demon is behind her it throws her across the room violently. She is lying on the floor unable to get up, the demon slams its feet on the ground walks and slowly closes the curtain the walks over and closes the door. The only light is the computer screen. the demon walks over and slowly closes it then jumps into the screen. this scene is extremely intense and extremely scary and unexpected. It is probably one of if not the scariest scene. MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for violence, frightening images, some language and thematic elements. BBFC/UK - Rated 15 (strong horror).

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