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Two decades after the principal Independence Day attack, Earth is confronted with another additional Solar risk. Be that as it may, will humanity#39;s new space guards enough? font color=#ff0000font

Jun 24,2016

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi

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We generally knew they were returning. After 'Autonomy Day' reclassified the occasion motion picture type, the following epic part conveys worldwide scene on an inconceivable scale. Utilizing recuperated outsider innovation, the countries of Earth have worked together on a huge resistance project to ensure the planet. In any case, nothing can set us up for the outsiders' progressed and extraordinary power. Just the inventiveness of a couple bold men and ladies can bring our reality over from the edge of annihilation.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A girl says that her teacher went to have sex with her (The teachers') boyfriend. A man tells his girlfriend "Wasn't that the best two minutes of her life?" Implying sex.
violence This film can be suited for a younger audience, as moderate portrayals of violence are depicted without detail and justified by context. There is some moderate action violence depicted in the film involving large-scale aerial battles between human and alien aircraft, as well as scenes of extinction-level events caused by a large-scale alien invasion, including various depictions of cities crumbling, infrastructure vaporizing, and oceans displacing. However, the sense of threat is not sustained. There are also some scenes where aliens can be seen wrapping their tentacles around their human victims' necks. These scenes do not feature any bloodshed and the deaths of the victims are only implied.
profanity 6-8 bitch 8-10 shit 1G*dd*mn 1 middle finger
frightening President Whitmore sacrifices himself by transporting a bomb to the alien mothership to blow up their queen, with himself on the ship. This may be emotionally intense for some The designs of the aliens, like the first movie, may appear slightly disturbing to younger viewers, particularly that of the alien queen. A minor character sacrifices himself by staying onboard a space station in the midst of its destruction. This may also be emotionally intense for some.

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