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A youthful FBI operator, anxious to substantiate himself in the field, goes covert as a white supremacist.

Aug 19,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

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Optimistic FBI specialist Nate Foster goes covert to bring down a radical white matchless quality fear based oppressor amass. The best in class examiner must go up against the test of adhering to another personality while keeping up his genuine standards as he explores the hazardous underworld of white matchless quality.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence There are some scenes of violence depicted in the film involving scuffling and fist fights, with some blood however not detailed. There is violence and threat associated with racist behaviour, including a scene in which a couple are threatened with a knife, and violent scenes which takes place at a racist rally.
profanity There is also the frequent use of language throughout the film, with various characters using the expletives 'Fuck' and 'Motherfucker', aswell as 'Shit', 'Dick' & 'Asshole' There is also frequent use of discriminatory terms such as 'Nigger', 'Spic', 'Yid', 'Kike' and 'Mud-People'.
frightening There are scenes which show archive footage of racist imagery including KKK and Nazi rallies, burning crosses and swastikas.

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