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A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.
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Long ago up North on the Island of Berk, the young Viking, Hiccup, wants to join his town's fight against the dragons that continually raid their town. However, his macho father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon, whom he dubs Toothless, begin a friendship that would open up both their worlds as the observant boy learns that his people have misjudged the species. But even as the two each take flight in their own way, they find that they must fight the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Stoick has made helmets for him and his son out of his late wife's armored breast plates. The helmets when turned on their side are vaguely shaped like a woman's breasts. Hiccup then jokingly replies, "Thanks for the breast hat." Some flirting between Hiccup and Astrid. They later share a kiss.
violence A large dragon eats another small dragon (a Gronkle). This accounts for one of the three deaths in the entire film, the other main one being the Red Death itself/herself when Hiccup and Toothless take it/her down into an explosion. A third, minor death (one Zippleback) occurs shortly after the Gronkle's death, in the same way the Gronkle died. When attempting to demonstrate how his bolas cannon works to Gobber, it malfunctions. Gobber dodges it and the item the cannon shot out flies through the window and hits another Viking outside. The first time Astrid says "That's for x, and that's for y," she knocks Hiccup to the ground and thumps the butt of her axe on Hiccup, presumably on his stomach. Astrid has a running gag of punching Hiccup in the shoulder before negating it with a corrolary nice thing to say. A sheep is killed in the beginning There are several action sequences involving warriors in combat with dragons, mostly dodging the dragons' attacks. Some mild violence with crude weapons which mostly end up hitting inanimate objects. No blood ever shown. One character talks about his dragon conquests which cost him body parts. He has a false foot and a hook for a hand. Dragon violence involving breathing fire.
profanity In one training scene, Tuffnut says "It's like the size of my...", but the little dragon jumps on his face before he could finish. one use of "all hell breaks lose" "Oh my gods" x1 "For Thor's sake" x1
alcohol Several characters, most notably Gobber, sit around and discuss dragon strategy while drinking what is most likely a form of ale from giant steins.
frightening The movie starts with dragons attacking a village at night. Dark scene with fire and explosions. Fighting with/defending against large dragons in an enclosed arena. There is one scene where Night Fury roars, while Hiccup looks at something on the floor. This is unexpected and this is mostly likely a jump scare. Hiccup appears to have disappeared in the final battle, but is then found underneath Toothless' wing. At first it looks like he is dead, with multiple burns, but he ends up being fine. However, he loses his left foot and Gobber makes a metal peg leg for him. It has an advanced spring loaded design to allow him to walk with some degree of normalcy. Following an argument and after pushing his son on the ground, out of anger Hiccup's father tells him that he's not a viking nor his son, which seems sad and emotional. There is one scene where toothless brings Hiccup and Astrid to the dragons cave, inside there is a big hole where the dragons are dropping food in it,a gigantic dragon jumps out of it. this may be frightening for some younger viewers.

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