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Henry is restored from death with no memory, and he should spare his better half from a telekinetic warlord with an arrangement to bio-engineer officers.

Apr 08,2016

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi

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Bad-to-the-bone Henry is an activity film told from a first individual point of view: You remember nothing. Mostly in light of the fact that you've quite recently been brought resurrected by your significant other (Haley Bennett). She lets you know that your name is Henry. After five minutes, you are being shot at, your significant other has been abducted, and you ought to most likely go recover her. Who has her? His name's Akan; he's an effective warlord with a multitude of hired fighters, and an arrangement for global control. You're likewise in a new city of Moscow, and everybody needs you dead. Everybody aside from a secretive British individual called Jimmy. He might be on your side, however you aren't certain. In the event that you can survive the craziness, and fathom the secret, you may very well find your motivation and reality behind your character. Good fortunes, Henry. You're likely going to need it..

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Many women are shown in a brothel wearing bras and panties. Some are shown dancing on poles. Two female couples kiss each other to entertain a man. A female is seen fully nude from behind running away from the camera. Another female is seen nude from the side profile. A man in speedo kneels behind a woman bending over. Female shown in tank top and panties. Women shown wearing low cut, short, revealing clothing throughout the movie. Three police officers attempt to rape a female by forcing her to perform oral on one of them. We see the man's upper bare thigh. A female sucks on a man's finger. There is a scene in the film where the protagonist enters a strip club, featuring numerous shots of strippers with female upper-frontal nudity acting sensually with a character. Lasts for several minutes, but it's not overly sexual and the way the club is lit makes the nudity hard to see. Some sexual references. A man and a woman were about to have sex, but they were stopped. A poster of a nude woman is seen briefly.
violence Strong and realistic depictions of violence and gore are depicted, although most of it is comically over the top. Violence is present throughoutthe film, consisting of gunfights and hand-to-hand combat, which include close-up shots of slashing and stabbing. Some of the more impactfu scenes have strong details of gore, such as a man's head being partially blown off; a man's heart being ripped out; partial disembowelment; a man's hand getting torn apart and a man's head getting ripped into half. The impact of the violence is intensified due to the first-person perspective of the film which immerses the viewers into the acts of violence committed. At one point, the main character runs up to a man portraying a police officer and grabs his testicles and squeezes them. Because of his enhanced abilities, his squeeze bursts the man's genitals as he continues to shove the nightstick the officer has on him down the man's throat. Really graphic. Again, almost all of the violence is very over the top and is more likely to make viewers laugh than be disturbed.
profanity Coarse language is frequently used in the film, such as the expletives 'f**k', 'motherf**ker' and 'p*ssy' uttered by the various characters to express their anger
frightening Hardcore Henry is an extremely violent movie that will most likely gross many people out, but it's not intended to disturb viewers. It's presented in a very over the top fashion which will make older viewers more enthralled and entertained. The ending could be considered as offensive. The violence is really the only thing intense about this film. Reccomended for mature audiences or older teens that aren't easily disturbed. Rated R for drug use, language throughout, nonstop bloody brutal violence and mayhem, and sexual content/nudity.

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