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WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served amid the Battle of Okinawa, declines to execute individuals, and turns into the main man in American history to win the Medal of Honor without shooting a shot.

Nov 04,2016

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The genuine story of Desmond Doss, the pacifist who, at the Battle of Okinawa, won the Medal of Honor for his unimaginable grit and respect for his kindred fighters. We see his childhood and how this formed his perspectives, particularly his religious view and against executing position. We see Doss' hardships subsequent to enrolling in the US Army and attempting to end up distinctly a doctor. At long last, we see the terrible that was Hacksaw Ridge.


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 From 27:56-34:50 you will see a man naked. Most of the time it will be a side view or chest up. Sometimes he will be using his hands to cover his groin. There is a close-up shot of his butt as he works out, and his butt is seen again as he runs out of a room. He covers his groin, however some skin can be seen under his hand when he is seen from the side, supposedly his testicles. Again later a side view of him fully nude while he is crawling through the mud. The scene is played for comedic purpose but is quite gratuitous. 1:03:35-1:04:20 Sex implied (married couple). 29:30 a man looking at a nudie magazine (about a 5 second clip)
violence 10/10 In the beginning there are soldiers being burned alive by flamethrowers and in the midst of explosions and others being shot during the combat of war A boy hits another boy in the head with a brick while they are fighting A man has his leg crushed by a car which gives him compound fracture and causes blood to spurt out of his leg A man smashes a glass bottle on a tombstone as a result his hand bleeds on the tombstone from his wound A man throws a knife into another man's foot A man punches a man in the face in order to instigate a fight and test him A group of men beat up a man which results with the man bloody and bruised In the later half of the film the tone drastically changes into a more dark atmosphere and becomes very intense which also has long battles that contain graphic war violence involving: - Soldiers being riddled with bullets through torsos, legs, and heads with blood spurting out - Explosions from grenades, mortars, and RPGs that cause some lost of limbs and tissue damage - Soldiers being stabbed/bayoneted and beaten up with fists - Soldiers are burned alive with flame throwers and exploded by them as well - Some soldiers are decapitated and commit suicide with self stabbing and kamikaze attacks There are soldiers dead on the ground with intestines strewn out and missing limbs on the ground which also on some bodies have rotting flesh with maggots and rats feeding off of the bodies -Body parts being blown off
profanity A few uses of "shit" and "bitch" References to Japanese soldiers as "Japs" or "Nips". Hell, damn, asshole, God, testicle, other various colorful words that were used in offensive manners. Somewhere around 60-70 words throughout the movie.
alcohol 5/10 A man is seen drinking whiskey from a bottle during the day. He is later described as being an alcoholic. Some soldiers smoke cigarettes. (Realistic)
frightening 10/10 The movie portrays the horrors of war as it is. There is a jump scare when two opposing soldiers are frightened upon contact and shooting occurs. Once the violence breaks out it is a long and intense Total: 34/50

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