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Boys will be boys. . . some longer than others.

Jun 24,2010

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 Many sexual references are made throughout A 4 year old boy is seen on a few occasions being breast-fed, no nudity is shown but references are made to him being too old for breast feeding A man's nude butt is seen as he wakes up and walks away 4 men are shown staring at an older teen's butt as she is bent over fixing a car Some seductive teenage girls are seen for some moments.
violence 4/10 A man shoots an arrow into the air above a group of men, the men run, two of the men trip and fall (one's face lands in a puddle of mud), one runs into a tree branch and falls to the ground, and the arrow lands on one of the men's feet; the man passes out and when he comes to, we see the arrow (and a small amount of blood) sticking all the way through his foot and the injured man is later seen with his foot wrapped, but otherwise okay. A man shoots an arrow into the sky above a large crowd of people, the people run, an elderly woman is seen tripping and falling face-first into a cake and the arrow lands on the foot of a man who yelps in pain. A man on a zip line slams into a building and is later seen in a full-body cast. A man kicks another man in the groin twice, they both appear to be in great pain and the man doing the kicking is shown with his foot wrapped in bandages. A man swings on a rope swing, he slams into a tree trunk, he falls off and rolls down a hill, we hear a crack and the man shouts (we later see he is unharmed); we see a smashed bird and the man admits to falling on top of the bird (it is later seen having recovered fully). A man breaks an aboveground pool: the wave of water sends him and a young girl and young boy floating through a yard and when he attempts to regain his footing he slips and falls. A man grabs a hot rock, shouts and drops it on the bare back of a woman, who yelps in pain. A woman hits a boy in the stomach with a rock, and the boy reassures the woman that he is unharmed. A woman shoves a boy to the ground. A boy slams his body against another boy during a game. A man slaps another man with a piece of fruit multiple times. A young girl drives a car into an empty picnic table; she is unharmed. Two boys play a violent video game (we see characters being shot in the face, blood flying on the screen, we hear people screaming and a person is thrown over a deck of a ship). Kids are overheard playing a video game were shots are heard and someone shouts, "There is blood everywhere!" A boy flies through the air and lands in a lake after jumping off an air mattress. A man is hit in the head with a basketball. A woman has a drink knocked out of her hand by a basketball and she shouts. A man mimics vomiting noises and uses hand gestures to imply he is vomiting. A man urinates in front of a group of men who discuss the event (the stream of urine is visible, as well as the sound of urine hitting water), he turns and the stream of urine is seen hitting another man in the shoulder (he shouts in disgust). It is implied that a group of men urinate in a public pool when a cloud of dark blue appears around them and a child screams that they are urinating. Two men carry another man who has passed out from drinking, one of the men drops him on the ground, the other man instructs the man that it is okay to "go peepee" and the intoxicated man says, "I'm making peepee" (we do not hear sounds of urination or see anything). A woman flatulates loudly on multiple occasions. After throwing a cremated person's ashes on the ground, a man sticks his ash-covered hand into a bucket of chicken. A girl shouts, throws a piece of cake on the ground and storms away. A woman shouts at a man. A man shouts at a person on the telephone. A girl remarks that seeing a rope swing makes her think of hanging herself. Men discuss how their fathers would have "backhanded" or "thrown them down the stairs." A man jokes to a group of children that he used to throw bottle rockets at people's faces, hoping they would explode and injure them. A man jokes that he told a child that babies come from feces and that the child then looked in the toilet for a baby brother. A man says that a piece of food looks like a scab or a piece cut from an elephant's leg.
profanity 1/10 Profanity is very light but there is name calling.
alcohol 4/10 Men and women are seen drinking on multiple occasions. A man is seen drinking in excess on multiple occasions and appears to have a hangover. Reference to 'selling crack'. Many references to being drunk.
frightening Rating should be PG-13 for sexual references, drinking and some mild language. It's OK for 12+

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