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Subsequent to seeing a homicide, a punk rock band is constrained into an awful battle for survival against a gathering of deranged skinheads.

Apr 29,2016

Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller | Horror

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A band straying into a segregated part of the Pacific Northwest staggers onto a terrible demonstration of savagery. Since they are the main witnesses, they turn into the objectives of a startling posse of skinheads who need to ensure all the proof is wiped out.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None.
violence All the violence is graphic, but is not on screen for long. A dead woman has a knife pulled out of her head (a little bloody, but not gory) A man is stabbed in the abdomen. Mild wound, not graphic or bloody. A mans arm is severely cut and is almost hanging off. Very graphic, but on screen for seconds. A man has his abdomen cut open with a box cutter. Very graphic, but very brief. A mans cut arm is taped up and his injury is seen. Rather graphic but not on screen for long. A dog bites a mans neck and kills him. Very graphic, but the scene is dark so it's quite hard to make out what's happening. A man is stabbed off screen. His body is briefly seen later. A woman has her leg savaged by a dog. Not graphic, no blood or injury is seen. A body is dragged leaving a trail of blood. A man is shot in the face. Graphic but very brief. A man is hit in the neck with a machete. Graphic, but brief. A woman gets shot in the leg. Not graphic, no injury seen. A woman gets savaged by a dog, but this happens off screen. Her body is briefly seen later, graphically mutilated. Lots of graphic dead bodies are seen throughout the movie, although the camera only lingers once. A mans throat gets slit with a box cutter. Bloody drips out of it. Very brief but graphic. Two men struggle and fight over a gun. A man is shot in the head. Little blood. A man is shot in the stomach. Not bloody. Another man is shot in the stomach, also not bloody. A man is shot in the back, leg then head. A small bit of blood spurts from his head, but it's not gory. All the violence, despite being graphic, is never on screen for too long. The violence is very realistic and not over the top.
profanity Heavy swearing throughout the film. N*gger is said a few times
alcohol Alcohol is consumed by patrons of the club. A character is seen with a heroin needle in his arm.
frightening The film is extremely tense throughout. All the violence is intense and brutal. Not recommended for the faint of heart. MPAA/USA - Rated R for strong brutal graphic violence, gory images, language and some drug content. BBFC/UK - Rated 18 (strong bloody violence, gore).

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