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A baffled Confederate armed force coward comes back to Mississippi and leads a state army of kindred miscreants, runaway slaves, and ladies in an uprising against the degenerate neighborhood Confederate government.

Jun 24,2016

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Set amid the Civil War, Free State of Jones recounts the account of insubordinate Southern rancher, Newt Knight, and his remarkable outfitted defiance to the Confederacy. Banding together with other little ranchers and nearby slaves, Knight propelled an uprising that drove Jones County, Mississippi to withdraw from the Confederacy, making a Free State of Jones. Knight proceeded with his battle into Reconstruction, recognizing him as a convincing, if questionable, figure of disobedience long past the War.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence Images of strong war violence. It begins at the beginning of the movie, including a man's head blown off with all the gore but there is not much gore in the rest of the movie. Civil war era medical triage, including: crude amputations, gaping wounds, bloody dressings and so on. There are some hangings, at least one is gory.
frightening Intense war scenes.

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