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When one teacher unwittingly causes another instructor#39;s rejection, he is tested to an after-school battle.

Feb 16,2017

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When one teacher unwittingly causes another instructor's rejection, he is tested to an after-school battle.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Contains verbal references There is a scene very early in the film in which a teacher finds students watching what appears to be a pornographic film (containing brief shots of topless women kissing). There is a also a recurring gag of a socially inept student who masturbates to pornography on his laptop in the school lavatory. When a teacher discovers his indiscretion, he obstinately continues to masturbate in front of the teacher. Students graffiti the school grounds with images of breasts and male genitalia (one instance depicting fluid spurting from the tip). One teacher frequently makes inappropriate remarks about an older student.
violence Contains some moderate comic violence, most of which occurs during the eponymous "fist fight" late into the film. The "fist fight" contains punches, kicks, environmental hazards and the use of objects (such as a fire extinguisher). The fight is mostly unrealistic, and an actual fight of this nature would almost certainly have resulted in the death of either or both of the fighters. The characters sustain injuries after the fight, however, they appear to be negligible and any bloodletting is minimal. A teacher suggests that another should be mutilated and makes cutting motions by running her hand down her face. A teacher goes berserk and throws a mobile phone across the room, causing it to break due to a student using it in order to execute a prank. When the prank is repeated shortly thereafter, the teacher brandishes an axe and destroys the student's table as the class collectively flee in terror.
profanity Contains frequent coarse language throughout the film, including use of words such as "fuck" and "motherfucker". There are also written uses of such coarse language, usually in the form of graffiti by students. Teachers profane in front of students and vice versa. One scene depicts a prepubescent girl singing a profanity-laden song in front of an audience to spite another girl. This behaviour is further encouraged by her parents and the student body. The film also contains frequent use of milder terms, such as "shit", "bitch" and "pussy". Some viewers may also be concerned about the use of "God" and "Jesus" as exclamations.
alcohol Contains moderate drug references throughout the film. Contains a brief moment of drug use in one scene as a character inhales from a joint and conspicuously exhales the smoke in order to attract police attention. A teacher speaks highly of the use of meth, and another attempts to buy ecstasy from a student. A teacher makes a comment about the widespread availability of illicit substances in public high schools. An arrest occurs over the possession of ecstasy ("molly"), however, the police later discover the substance to be aspirin.
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