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Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there#39;s no way you can cheat Death.

Aug 12,2011

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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In this most recent portion to the awfulness establishment, Sam and his companions figures out how to get away from a doomed extension, because of a feeling Sam acquired. In any case, when 2 of his companions kicked the bucket bafflingly, Sam must utilize his recollections from the hunch to spare his companions, before death chases him down.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 A man asks for an erotic massage at a massage spa and tells the woman checking him in that he wants it to "end happy". A man makes suggestive remarks to a woman that walks in front of him and he admires her clothed buttocks. A nude man lies on a massage table (he is covered from the waist to the thighs with a towel) and his bare chest and abdomen are visible. A woman massages a nude man's chest and he tells her to move lower (she does not). A woman removes her shirt in order to change and her bra is shown. A woman wears a short, low-cut top that reveals cleavage. Two women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage. A man and a woman kiss.
violence 9/10 A woman falls off a bridge and gets impaled on the mast of a boat; blood and guts are shown. A woman falls off a bridge and lands into the water; a car from a bridge suddenly falls off and crushes her to death. A bus falls off the bridge and a man still inside falls to the front of it; the windows shatter and water floods the bus. A man holding onto the bridge gets hot tar spilled all over him; it burns his flesh and he falls into the water below. The flesh on his fingers can be seen melting off. A support cable on the bridge snaps, hits a man, and sends bloody fragments flying. A man holding onto a bridge's railing gets impaled through the face and torso with long metal poles; he falls onto a cement support and blood sprays all over it; his body then falls into the water. A man holding onto a bridge's railing is bisected by a huge sheet of metal, he falls; blood and intestines are shown. A bridge collapses, sending many cars and people into the water below. A man accidentally pricks his thumb. A woman practicing gymnastics on a balance beam steps on a screw and it enters her foot, she screams in pain and falls down, knocking over a bowl of white powder. A woman flips off a gymnastics bar that she is flipping on, she flies into the air and lands, breaking her back; blood sprays and a shard of bone can be seen sticking out of her leg. A LASIK machine malfunctions while a woman is getting laser eye surgery, the laser burns her eye, she screams and holds up her hand to stop it and the laser burns her hand. She escapes from the machine, but she steps on a teddy bear's plastic eye on the floor, slips, and crashes through a window, falling two stories and landing on the windshield of a car, and her burned eye pops out and rolls into the road where it gets run over by oncoming traffic. A fire starts in a room where a man is receiving acupuncture; the table he is lying on collapses, pushing all the needles into his body, he gets up and pulls one out of his chest. With bloody wounds all over, he backs up to the wall as the fire spreads; a shelf above him becomes loose, and a heavy Buddha statue falls on his head, smashing it and causing blood and brain matter to fly everywhere. A man falls onto a huge hook, impaling his head; blood is shown. A man is shot through the head with a large wrench. Blood sprays and he is then seen lying on the ground with the wrench in his head. A federal agent is shot dead. A man tries to kill a woman, but the woman's boyfriend stabs the man from behind with a meat spit, killing him. Flight 180 explodes. Many people die, including a woman and a man. A woman is sucked out of the plane where she is sliced in half by the airplane wing; blood and insides are shown. A man is incinerated with the rest of the passengers as the airplane explodes, sending burning wreckage down towards the city. A man is crushed when a landing gear from Flight 180 crashes down through the roof of the restaurant he is in; blood splatters across the floor and his bloody, severed hand flies at the screen.
profanity 7/10 There are 11 uses of "fuck", 16 scatological terms, 3 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, and 3 religious exclamations.
alcohol 2/10 People are shown drinking alcohol.
frightening 8/10 The deaths may be intense for some viewers. Total: 30/50.

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