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In this third installment of the Final Destination series, a student#39;s premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from death itself which seeks out those who escaped their fate.

Feb 10,2006

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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When Wendy Christensen has a vision of an accident on the roller coaster, resulting in her and her friends' deaths, she instantly begins to panic, causing more of her friends to be left of the ride. The remaining friends, including Wendy's boyfriend, are stuck on the roller coaster and find themselves involved in the accident. With death waiting around the corner, Wendy and Kevin Fischer must try and work out death's plan, before they and the remaining survivors end up dead.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Two teen girls undress and climb into tanning beds, their bare breasts are shown and one wears a thong and the other apparently is fully nude (nothing below the waist is shown). Two teen girls wear low-cut pants with the top of their thong panties exposed. Two teen girls wear short skirts that reveal bare abdomens and tight-fitting, low-cut tops that reveal cleavage. A teen boy holds a camera under a young woman's skirt and snaps a picture that is later shown. A teen boy wears a necklace in the shape of a nude woman and he licks its breast.
violence 8/10 Two teen girls in tanning beds are trapped inside as the bulbs begin to heat up past capacity; their skin begins to burn and blister, they scream and pound trying to get out, the glass covers over the bulbs break, one teen girl is cut on the face and the glass beneath her breaks; both of the teen girls then burst into flames. Wood and building supplies fall off high shelves knocking people to the floor and covering them with rubble; one teen girl is shoved back against a shelf and runs into a nail gun that jams and shoots her with nails through the head repeatedly. A truck with no driver rolls through a street, crashes into the back of a parked car, the car is pushed onto the back of another car and the engine's fan cuts into the male driver's head, spraying blood and body matter around. Blood splatters everywhere, along with the driver's bloody head with the fan behind it. Then the fan sputters, forcing the driver's head to slump forward, revealing that the back of his head has been truncated. Brain matter is shown. Fireworks shoot toward several people, they duck; the fireworks hit a cherry picker that is jolted and the basket falls on a teen boy on the ground, cutting him in half. A teen boy pushes on a piece of exercise equipment, and two of its pieces swing down and crush his head between them. A roller coaster begins its run, the cars begin to break apart, wheels fly off, cars separate from the track, the restraints unlock, and riders are thrown out of the ride: a teen boy dangles from the side of the speeding coaster, he is knocked loose by another piece and slams into a beam, the remaining cars stop at the top of a loop, riders cling to them, and several lose their grip and fall to the ground. A train comes off its tracks and begins to spin through a tunnel; a teen girl is crushed by a loose wheel that is thrown through the side of the train; a teen boy is pulled out through the train's window and splattered by another train car. A teen girl is impaled by a flagpole (blood covers the pole as it comes through the front of her body and into the ground in front of her). Fireworks go off at a fair and scare a horse, causing it to run through a crowd; a teen girl is knocked down and dragged behind the horse when a rope is wrapped around her neck, and she is cut loose just before being pulled into a bailer. A teen boy shoots several pigeons using a nail gun (two pigeons fall to the floor dead). A rat is electrocuted by a frayed wire in a subway tunnel. A teen boy is kicked by a horse, he is thrown onto a table, a canister of propane gas is struck and a flame sprays him in the face (he is singed but ok). Two teen boys shove and punch each other, and a teen girl standing behind them is accidentally slapped in the face.
profanity 7/10 There are 34 uses of "fuck". There are also several uses of "shit" and "bitch".
alcohol 0/10 None.
frightening 8/10 The deaths may be intense for some viewers. Total: 30/50.

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