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While Christian grapples with his internal evil spirits, Anastasia must go up against the outrage and envy of the ladies who preceded her.

Feb 08,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Christian and Ana choose to revive their relationship, aside from this time there are no more principles or disciplines. As they get used to their newly discovered relationship, Christian's past starts to frequent Ana as Christian battles with his deepest musings.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Overall, the film centers on the dynamics between the two main characters, as they adjust to each other's expectations of a romantic relationship. The male protagonist's predilection towards BDSM practices forms the backdrop to the film's narrative. The film contains occasional verbal references and depictions of such sexual practices. Male and female chest and rear nudity. In the film, there are depictions of sexual activity.
alcohol Brief bar activity shown. Alcohol is served at parties. Christian and Ana share drinks.
frightening Official MPAA rating is below

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