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An average workers African-American father tries to bring his family up in the 1950s, while grappling with the occasions of his life.

Dec 25,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Troy Maxson makes his living as a sanitation specialist in 1950s Pittsburgh. Maxson once longed for turning into an expert baseball player, yet was esteemed excessively old when the real groups started conceding dark competitors. Astringent over his missed open door, Troy makes advance pressure in his family when he squashes his child's opportunity to meet a school football selection representative.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film contains some mild sex references: A man jokingly implies that he is going to have sex all day with his wife. A married man has an affair.
violence The film contains some mild violence: A man tells a story about how he accidentally killed a man he was trying to mug. A father and a son get into a fight with one of them swinging a bat at the other, which ends with one getting pinned to the ground and almost knocked unconscious.
profanity The film contains occasional outdated use of racist language: Several uses of "nigger", "Negro" and "coloured". All uses are peer-to-peer (all characters using said language are black). The film contains some mild bad language: "piss" "screw" "shit"
alcohol The film contains infrequent consumption of alcohol and adult cigarette smoking: The male characters often share a pint of gin; one is clearly drunk in one scene. Another scene is set in a bar. Infrequent adult cigarette smoking
frightening The film contains some intense family situations: Characters frequently get into very intense arguments with each other.

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