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A young lady ends up in a change school after treatment since she was rebuked for the passing of a young man. At the school she gets herself attracted to a kindred understudy, unconscious that he is a blessed messenger, and has adored her for a great many years.
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Lucinda "Luce" Price is a solid willed seventeen-year-old carrying on with an apparently conventional life until she is blamed for a wrongdoing she didn't submit. Sent off to the forcing Sword and Cross change school, Luce winds up being sought by two strange understudies to whom she feels strangely associated. Confined and frequented by interesting dreams, Luce starts to unwind the insider facts of her past and finds the two men are fallen holy messengers, who she learns have cherished her for centuries.Luce must pick where her emotions lie, setting Heaven against Hell in an epic fight over genuine romance.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity none
violence A young man breaks his neck whilst fleeing from a burning library, a young woman who was trying to help him escape is seen recovering. The young man dies. A young woman is stabbed and killed Two young men fight in a library A young woman is tied up and her neck is cut - although not enough to kill her A young woman kills a boy by kissing him, sending him into a burst of flames It is implied that a young woman is almost groomed by a drunk man in a bar - leading to a rather explicit fight scene Some students at a reform school are required to wear shock bracelets A young woman who is a vegetarian has meatloaf thrown on her The book contains a few fight scenes A young woman has a blade dragged across her throat and it kills her while her best friend watches her die A young woman has her foot crushed purposely by a stiletto heel
profanity The worst word in the book was sh*t. Mild teen swearing (b!tch, damn, hell etc.) A young man flips off a young woman
alcohol Near the end of the book Arriane has a candy ciggarette in her mouth Luce drinks champagne at a party Luce is taken to a bar

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