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A previous neurosurgeon sets out on a voyage of mending just to be drawn into the universe of the spiritualist expressions.
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Wonder's "Specialist Strange" takes after the tale of the gifted neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a deplorable auto collision, must set sense of self aside and take in the privileged insights of a shrouded universe of otherworldliness and substitute measurements. Situated in New York City's Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must go about as a middle person between this present reality and what lies past, using an inconceivable cluster of mystical capacities and ancient rarities to secure the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 09:25 sleeping together mentioned in conversation 17:53 - "We were barely lovers." in spoken conversation
violence "Sci-fi violence and action throughout, and an intense crash sequence" This is probably the bloodiest Marvel MCU movie yet; while not graphic, there are some scenes with blood shown. A villain bind a man with magic, then decapitates him (the latter happens offscreen, only the impact is heard). A person slams to the pavement through a glass awning from an extreme height and the impact is shown. Extremely intense; see Frightening/Intense scenes section. There are multiple surgery scenes where the wounds are shown being sewn or entered with surgical instruments. There is a kind of gruesome scene of a man being slammed around by the head by a magical cloak. It is also slightly humorous, so it doesn't seem quite as violent as it really is. There is a decapitation but the head removal is shown in a shadow reflection. The car accident has slow motion shots of Steven's hands getting crushed. The post accident shots of Steven are both bloody and kind of gruesome with all of the stabilizing metal work coming out of his hands and his face is disfigured and scarred. There is a scene where a Steven is attacked by three thugs who beat him to the ground and kick him repeatedly. There is a shot of a dead man impaled on a large metal rod. There is a shot of a person being crushed by a building. A character is stabbed through the stomach. You see his blood splatter on the ground numerous times as he attempts to get to a hospital. When he does get to the hospital, you see his open wound (bloody) being sewed closed. Slightly graphic. An Important character is stabbed then dropped hundreds of stories; they die and are shown bloody and broken. It is more emotional than violent, though. One character is seen with a metal rod sticking out of his chest, dead. Three characters have the skin around their eyes dissolve during an evil ritual; it is not very violent, but quite unsettling. The characters are seen throughout the movie with burned eyes. A character is punched in the chest and his spirit is ejected from his body. He is worried that he's been killed or injured, but he is fine. A man's spirit is shoved against a wall until he bursts into ashes, covering the wall in some soot. A scene where a main character is killed multiple times through brutal ways. It is shown very quickly though and he always comes back.
profanity 15:42 - Bulls*** 15:48 - A** 29:07 - S*** ! 29:10 - Oh G** 29:20 - Oh G** 1:06:22 - Oh my G** 1:08:54 - oh s*** 1:09:51 - Oh my G** 1:10:22 - Oh my G** 1:10:58 - A**h*** 1:11:07 - h*** 1:17:12 - A**h*** 1:22:19 - Oh my G** One incomplete f word
alcohol An end-credits scene shows a character drinking beer, but it is in a humorous fashion.
frightening The main character skids off a mountain road, crashes his car and is almost killed; his hands are broken and he loses the ability to do his job, which requires the very diligent use of hands and fingers (He is a doctor). This man is seen in a desperate place, being forced to give up his job. He is beaten up by a group of thieves and his last, precious possession is broken. He is shown a dark being and told how this being is constantly trying to destroy the earth and all life. He is almost killed and emergency surgery attempted His spirit projection appears out of his body, scaring the doctor in the room; he gives her guidance through the projection. A woman is stabbed and falls hundreds of stories. She dies.

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