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They're not bad. They're just born that way.
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Length: 112 Minute(s)
A present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offers a chance of redemption for the troublemaking offspring of Disney's classic villains: Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evvie) and Jafar (Jay).
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity One quick kiss scene between a cheerleader and a boy. A boy attempts to kiss a girl in a few scenes throughout the movie, but at the end he kisses her on the cheek. A boy is seen swimming shirtless. Nothing sexual. A girl attempts to kiss a boy under the bleachers but doesn't succeed.
violence Very little magical violence. A song consisting of comic violence. A game in which one player constantly injures others. Nothing too violent
profanity Some uses of stupid and idiot.
frightening A person turns into a horrific dragon. This may be a little frightening for some viewers.

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