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Oct 03,2017

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Red band trailer shows a mental patient breastfeeding Chucky.
violence Red band trailer has some blood and gore: A decapitation, Chucky drilling into a guys head, A bloody corpse,Chucky slicing a stomach with guts included. It is confirmed by the series writer Don Mancini that this movie is the bloodiest in the franchise.
profanity Remember that this is Chucky and that the word "Fuck" and "Shit" will be used.
alcohol This movie takes place in a mental hospital so patients will be taking drugs.
frightening Curse Of Chucky was so far the darkest movie in the franchise but Don himself said that this will beat that and be "the most disturbing Chucky movie yet". Chucky is that franchise that has been scaring kids and adults for almost 30 years. This movie (Like the others) will most likely not be a R rated movie that teens 13 and over can't see though.

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