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Be careful what you wish for.

Feb 05,2009

Hollywood Movies | Family | Animation

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
When Coraline moves to an old house, she feels bored and neglected by her parents. She finds a hidden door with a bricked up passage. During the night, she crosses the passage and finds a parallel world where everybody has buttons instead of eyes, with caring parents and all her dreams coming true. When the Other Mother invites Coraline to stay in her world forever, the girl refuses and finds that the alternate reality where she is trapped is only a trick to lure her.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 -At one point in the movie what appears to be an ample-sized woman on a stage wearing only glitter shaped patches over her nipples and a thong, revealing enormous breasts and buttocks along with bare abdomen, legs and back, actually turns out to be a rather skinny woman dressed in both a full-body leotard, and an ample-woman costume. Similarly, what appears to be another ample woman on stage wearing a mermaid costume that reveals cleavage, bare abdomen, back and arms, is also a rather skinny womand dressed in a full-body leotard, wearing a costume. Coraline, in the audience, exclaims, "She's practically naked!" before the rest of us learn that neither woman is even nearly naked. This scene is mild and for laughs. - The Other Father makes a light sexual joke about the chicken breasts that the Other Mother cooked. - Coraline's father points his hand at his buttocks after telling her that he has writer's rash on that area just right before her mother awkwardly interrupts their conversation.
violence 7/10 (This is considering that the film is a children's animated movie) Coraline's other mother is first shown as being friendly, and later is revealed as evil. She asks Coraline to sew buttons onto her eyes multiple time throughout the movie. A child is imprisoned in a dark place with three eerie ghosts. It is heavily implied that Coraline's other mother killed these children and gouged out their eyes, which is never actually said, but most audiences will easily work it out. She escapes shortly. We see a boy who has had his mouth sewn with stitches so that he is smiling forcibly (very painful looking), but Coraline removes the stitches. However, he then takes off his glove and his hand disintegrates into sawdust, implying that the Other Mother will harm him further. Coraline later sees his empty clothes hanging from a pole, implying that he was killed. A cat kills two rats over the duration of the movie. One of them is decapitated off screen and his severed head is seen lying on the ground with sawdust pouring out of it. We see a wall covered in taxidermied dogs wearing angel clothing. Later in the movie, the woman who owns these is seen dressing up a living dog in the same costume, saying that she is just preparing for the dog's inevitable death, as the dog is ill. A cat rips the Other Mother's button eyes off. In one scene, the protagonist is briefly strangled. The mark is visible for the rest of the scene. Coraline's Other Father uses his praying mantis vehicle to attack the protagonist but he later drowns after the weight of his vehicle causes a bridge to collapse. Two women are seen tied together in a candy-shaped cocoon and they attack the protagonist for the ghost eye but the protagonist throws her torch on a flock of bats, which wakes them up and they eventually swoop down and attack the two women and their faces are left distorted from the attack. A man disintegrates into a plague of rats and the rats attacks the protagonist with cotton candy. One of the rats causes the protagonist to trip and fall onto the balcony. This causes the balcony to suddenly collapse and the protagonist is thrown onto the ground at a tremendous force. In the beginning a pair of needle-like hands are taking apart and making a doll. Though there is no gore or violence, it is disturbing because it looks like the hands are dissecting a child. Coraline kicks the Other Mother's head to escape the Other World and with the help of the three ghost children, she slams the door onto the Other Mother's hand, resulting in it being severed. Moments later, the severed hand stalks Coraline and just before she can throw the key down a deep well, it attacks her and Wybie, who arrives to help. Wybie later crushes the hand with a stone and they both throw the key and hand together the well.
profanity 2/10 The term "rat crap" is used in scatological context, describing where rodents had been seen in an earlier scene. A non-reverent, non-prayerful invocation of deity occurs at least twice. The term 'jerk wad' is used in both the movie as an insult, and in the credits, as a secret code, which appears to be innocently misunderstood as not being the sexual innuendo that it really is. And a lot of name-calling (mangy thing, fuss pot, selfish brat, horrible cheating girl, witch, jerk-wad, creep, crazy, dingbats, wuss-puss, blind as a bat).
alcohol 1/10 In one scene, Coraline's mother tells Coraline that Mr. Bobinski is drunk. Coraline later tells her mother: "Mr. B is not drunk mum, he's just eccentric."
frightening 7/10 (This is considering that the film is a children's animated movie). Creepy animation. Read the "violence and gore" section, as most of those scenes are also frightening and intense. The overall plot of a demonic beldam disguising herself as the victim's mother in order to steal their souls and eat their lives is quite disturbing. Coraline tries to find the eyes of three ghost children. The Other Mother screams in an insane, loud, high pitched way. This may be frightening. The Other Mother becomes extremely thin, and tall, with a grotesquely long neck, spindly mechanical looking fingers and legs. She is extremely menacing in both manner and speech. Her face also cracks at one point. Other Father chases Coraline on a Praying Mantis-like contraption while wailing in a ghostly voice, this contraption attempts to spear Coraline as she runs from it. Other Mother sews the mouth shut of one character, and sews it into a grin in a misshapen manner. Other Father pulls his mouth open grotesquely wide. There are a few jump scares during the scene when Coraline finds the ghost eyes. MPAA/USA - Rated PG for thematic elements, scary images, some language and suggestive humor. BBFC/UK - Rated PG (mild threat, scary scenes, infrequent mild bad language).

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