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A young lady#39;s edgy quest for her stole sweetheart that draws her into the scandalous Colonia Dignidad, an order no one ever gotten away from.

Apr 15,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance | History

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Lena and Daniel, a youthful couple get to be ensnared in the Chilean military upset of 1973. Daniel is kidnapped by Pinochet's mystery police and Lena tracks him to a fixed off zone in the South of the nation, called Colonia Dignidad. The Colonia presents itself as a beneficent mission keep running by lay evangelist Paul Schäfer in any case, truth be told, is a spot no one ever gotten away from. Lena chooses to join the religion so as to discover Daniel. Taking into account genuine occasions.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man is shown wearing nothing but an apron from behind, revealing his buttocks. This scene is meant to be comedic A female character wears a shirt that covers her lower area but not her legs, and at times you may be able to see her buttocks briefly Emma is asked to remove her shirt to expose her bra. Emma removes all her clothes to go skinny dipping. Her breasts are shown wrapped tightly. No nudity is shown.
violence 4/10 People get beat up and shot by soldiers at the beginning of the movie. Not graphic and typically from a distance so there's little or no blood A woman gets slapped by a man before several other men come and beat her up. The woman's nose bleeds, but otherwise there is no blood and it is very brief A man gets tortured at the beginning of the movie. His face is swollen and somewhat bloody. We only see him get electrocuted, however (in the ribs and head) A woman gets slapped across the face a couple times and her nose starts bleeding. A group of men make an attempt to attack her, but are stopped A woman gets shot and dies. Her body is shown afterwards with bullet wound in her torso and head. Not graphic A woman gets punched and beaten off screen. However, we do see the movements that the man makes as he beats her. She is later seen with a red scar on her face A woman hits another woman with a stick, knocking her out A woman almost drowns The colony manufactures guns and other war weapons. A man is shown shooting a gun into the air to test it. They mention testing poison gas on someone to make sure it works Torture is a theme in the movie that is sometimes referred to
profanity 6/10 4 or 5 f-words throughout. Mild uses of a couple other curses too 'Whore' and 'slut' are used somewhat frequently
alcohol 0/10 None
frightening 2/10 Some aspects of the movie may be distressing to some, and the movie is based off of true events which could make it worse 15/50. A mostly tame movie with some sexuality, some language, and some violent themes.

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