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A disgraced member of the military police investigates a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union .

Apr 17,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

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Based on the first of a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith and set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union. The plot is about an idealistic pro-Stalin security officer who decides to investigate a series of child murders in a country where supposedly this sort of crime doesn't exist. The state would not hear of the existence of a child murderer let alone a serial killer. He gets demoted and exiled but decides, with just the help of his wife, to continue pursuing the case .

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and a woman having sex in a bed. We see only his bare back and the buttocks partially. This scene is brief and very early on in the film.
violence A military soldier shots a man and a woman in the head. Blood spurts. A man stabs himself in the abdomen with the knife in order to avoid being capture by the military soldier. He recovers. A scene of an alleged murdered boy (naked). We see scratch marks in the back. Another scene of an alleged murdered boy (partially naked). Two homosexual men witness a dead body of a boy (entire body buried by the leaves, only see a hand). This scene is brief. A young man kills himself by walking onto the approaching train (on-screen). Later, we see his dead body lying on the tracks. A man strangles another man to death with a telephone cord. A fight breaks out in a train carriage and a few men are stabbed and killed. A man is suddenly shot in the back by another man. Blood spurts. Another is shot in the head a little later. A hand-to-hand fighting between two men. Ultimately, one kills the other by pounding his head into the rock in a rather graphic way.
profanity About 15 uses of F--k, (2) goddamn, other milder profanities used infrequently throughout.
alcohol The lead character is seen smoking in a few scenes throughout. Some men are injected with a truth serum drug.
frightening The plot of this film is about the series of child killings with the total of 44. However, we don't know who the serial killer is. This argues whether the child died in a train accident or just killed.

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