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After ruining his reputation with the town, a courageous chicken must come to the rescue of his fellow citizens when aliens start an invasion.

Nov 04,2005

Animation | Adventure | Comedy

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Size: 699 MB
Length: 80 Minute(s)
Resolution: 688x294

After Chicken Little causes widespread panic--when he mistakes a falling acorn for a piece of the sky--the young chicken is determined to restore his reputation. But just as things are starting to go his way, a real piece of the sky lands on his head. Chicken Little and his band of misfit friends, Abby Mallard (aka Ugly Duckling), Runt of the Litter and Fish Out of Water, attempt to save the world without sending the town into a whole new panic.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity After getting himself out of being stuck on some gum in a crosswalk, Chicken Little suddenly realizes (and we see) that he's only in his kid briefs. He's embarrassed and then races around, trying to find a solution (which he makes out of folding paper, but not before a bunch of female cheerleaders see him and shriek in shock). During the very end when all the characters appear in a theater, some sexual noises are coming from off screen but we don't see what's going on.
violence After Chicken Little rings the town bell to warn everyone about the pending doom, the citizens panic and flee, with some bowling over others. During this, a fire truck ladder smashes through a car's windshield, causing the driver (who's okay) to lose control and strike a fire hydrant that flies through the air and hits a water tower. That then causes the large holding tank (in the shape of a ball) to break off the tower and then bounce and roll through town, sending people fleeing as it smashes through a wall, then through a movie theater and over various cars (no one is hurt).
frightening Chicken Little urges the townsfolk to run and see the alien spaceship, but it takes off and turns invisible just as they get there (this will be tense for younger kids who will want Chicken Little to succeed to prove he's telling the truth).

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