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After he reunites with an old school buddy through Facebook, an amiable bookkeeper is baited into the universe of worldwide undercover work.

Jun 17,2016

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Calvin Joyner was voted in secondary school the person well on the way to succeed. after 20 years he's a bookkeeper. As his secondary school get-together methodologies, he tries to reach his old classmates. Furthermore, somebody named Bob Stone gets in touch with him. He says that he was known as Robbie Weirdicht in school. Calvin recalls that he was singled out, in actuality after a to a great degree frightful trick he cleared out school. They consent to meet and Calvin is astonished by the amount he has changed. Bounce requests that Calvin bail him out. He says yes and the before he knows it a few men burst into his home. They're CIA, the one in control is searching for Stone, she says he's a rebel specialist. When they can't discover Bob they clear out. Later he approaches Calvin letting him know, he is not a rebel operator, he's attempting to discover a man known as the Balck Badger why should arranging offer some data that in the wrong hands can be appalling. so he needs Calvin's stop him. Calvin's not certain whom he ought to accept.


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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In the beginning of the movie, The Rock's character as a teenager is seen dancing in the locker room shower. Nudity above the waist from the front and full body nudity from behind is shown. Bullies come in and throw him naked into the center of a gym in front of high school students on the benches. Male nudity from behind is shown, as well as upper body from the front. A few racy jokes, involving the words "D_k" etc. A raunchy YouTube clip, without nudity, is briefly shown on a computer screen. Our view of the screen is quickly obstructed. Pornhub is mentioned. A male coworker talks about a pornographic app. he intends to make. The same character later says to a woman "Show us your t_s!" She retaliates by tasering him in the chest. There are a few passionately exaggerated kisses between a male and female. At the end of the movie, the main character (the Rock) strips in front of the assembled high school reunion and is seen naked above the waist from the front and from behind. During the end credits, outtakes are shown with quick, dispassionate, kisses between the two male leads. A woman is shown repeatedly touching a bare male chest. He flexes his pectoral muscles, making her giggle.
violence Hand-to-hand combat, explosions and shootouts are shown, but kept from being very frightening by being mixed with humor. The Rock's character is shown being questioned while handcuffed to a table. Torture is implied, but not shown. Later we see one of his fingers has been broken and he sets it himself with little discomfort. Aaron Paul's character is shown blowing up in a gory and bloody way multiple times. However, it is revealed that he faked his death Kevin Hart's character is shot by The Rock's character. Blood smears are shown. Aaron Paul's character has his esophagus torn out and it is shown.
profanity 3 goddamns Other milder language including: 1 "fuck." 47 Shit some uses of 'bitch' and 'ass' Similar to Rawson Thurber's other movie Dodgeball, the DVD version has a little more swearing. There are 10 uses of fuck and at least one sexual use of dick.
alcohol Characters are shown drinking alcohol on multiple occasions.
frightening Viewers are led to believe that The Rock's character has betrayed Kevin Hart's character, but however this shown that he did this to maintain his cover.

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