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Two excessively innovative pranksters named George and Harold entrance their important into believing he's an absurdly energetic, extraordinarily inept superhuman named Captain Underpants.

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Two mischievous kids hypnotize their mean elementary school principal and turn him into their comic book creation, the kind-hearted and elastic-banded Captain Underpants.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity As the Title Character's name implies, Captain Underpants wears nothing but a Red Cape and Underpants. The Main Villain of the Film is named Professor Poopypants, based off Toilet Humour. During the Climax, his full name is revealed to be Pee-Pee Diarheastein Poopypants. This film contains the joke of the Planet Uranus, which makes George and Harold laugh as it sounds like "Your Anus". Professor Poopypants uses a Giant Toilet Monster to terrorize the town. One of Captain Underpants' ways of attacking is by slinging smaller pairs of underpants at his enemies.
violence As Captain Underpants first runs out into the streets, he is hit by a car (no harm done). Captain Underpants punches a Mime in the nose, thinking he's trapped in "some invisible box like prison", hoping to set him free. Captain Underpants battles a big purple gorilla balloon, which he thinks is a real monster. They get bounced around the town, and Captain Underpants only receives minor amounts of damage. Professor Poopypants traps Captain Underpants in his Giant Toilet with Chemical Acid. He survives, and eventually breaks out with real Super Powers. Professor Poopypants causes a lot of damage around the Neigbourhood with what he enlarges with his Shrink/Enlarging Ray, as well as with his Giant Toilet Monster.
frightening None

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