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In the woods of the Pacific Northwest, a father dedicated to bringing up his six children with a thorough physical and scholarly training is compelled to leave his heaven and enter the world, testing his concept of being a parent.
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Ben and Leslie Cash have seemingly perpetual to a great extent off the lattice with their posterity - Bodevan, Kielyr, Vespyr, Rellian, Zaja and Nai - in a lodge in the mountains of Washington state. The guardians have passed their standards to their kids, in particular communism (in its different structures) and survivalism. With the previous, Ben considers the vast majority of western culture as being rightist, particularly corporate America. With the last mentioned, he assumes that nobody will or ought to be there for you, so you better figure out how to deal with yourself in every one of its angles. All things considered, the kids have been liable to incredible physical preparing, know how to manage minor knocks, wounds, cuts, sprains and even cracks, and know how to chase, rummage and develop their own nourishment. The youngsters are likewise non-enrolled self-taught, implying that they have no official scholastic records. Ben and Leslie have attempted to make the youngsters basic scholars, however inside the setting of their beliefs. Past these issues, Ben and Leslie made the ...
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is a scene of full-frontal male nudity in the film, where the male protagonist can be seen standing in front of a vehicle in the nude with his genitals visible. A young boy (about seven years old) is shown fully naked from behind twice. A boy and a girl kiss. The scene lasts only for about 30 seconds.
violence Violent animal slaughter: the film begins with a deer in the woods suddenly being attacked by a near-naked teenager who leaps out unexpectedly with a knife. There is a struggle with the animal crying out and fighting, and we clearly see the animal's throat being slit. While the animal is slowly dying it is gutted (off screen, but audible) and its blood smeared on the teenager's face, who also eats part of the raw liver. The deer is seen being carried back to a camp, where there are multiple shots of the carcass being butchered. Animals are slit in various scenes. Two of kids get injured while climbing (in different scenes). Some blood and bruises are shown. A teen girl falls down a roof of a house, hits a car, then hits the ground. It's stated that she broke two bones in her leg and nearly broke her neck. A woman's corpse is carried in a house trailer by her family; the corpse is shown. They later cremate her and throw the ashes into a public toilet. This can be emotional, disturbing and hilarious at the same time, but nothing really violent. Although the violence didn't make it to get an R rating, it should be cautioned for sensitive viewers.
profanity The film contains an utterance of the religious profanity "Jesus f**king Christ". The film also contains other forms of coarse language, such as the expletives "f**k" and "motherf**k" as uttered by the characters, mainly out of anger and/or frustration.
alcohol A father serves his young children glasses of wine at a dinner table. In a later scene he is clearly intoxicated. A teenaged girl and her mother are shown smoking.
frightening The opening scene showing a deer in a tranquil forest abruptly changes to a violent attack on the deer by a knife-wielding teenager. We learn that a mother suffering from bipolar disorder commits suicide by slitting her wrists. Her children are devastated by the news and react with weeping and anger; one of them pulls a knife and threatens to stab his father. Later in the film, the father bluntly gives details of her death to his nephews after their parents were being vague about the circumstances of her death. A child doing extreme rock climbing falls but is saved by ropes; he ends up with an injured wrist. A man suffers a seizure in a supermarket and is shown grabbing his chest, falling to the floor, and convulsing. We soon learn this was faked in order to create a diversion to allow his children to steal food. A teenage girl falls off a roof and smashes her head on the concrete, sending her to hospital. A man deliberately makes a scene at a funeral and is physically dragged out of the church. One man deliberately shoots an arrow into a door near another man's head. A family is shown digging into a fresh grave and removing a coffin. We later see the coffin open with the dead body inside (not at all gory; presented as "peaceful beauty"). The body is later shown wrapped in cloth and being burnt on a pyre.

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