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From the minute the new reverend ascensions the platform, Liz knows she and her family are in extraordinary threat.
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A triumphant epic of survival and a story of intense womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving pitilessness of a terrible. Our courageous woman is Liz (Dakota Fanning), cut from the delightful wild, brimming with heart and coarseness, chased by a vindictive Preacher (Guy Pearce) - a malicious devotee and her bent adversary. In any case, Liz is a bona fide survivor; she's no casualty - a lady of fearsome quality who reacts with astounding boldness to assert the better life she and her little girl merit. Fear not. Reprisal is coming.

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nudity Aa man engaging in sex with a prostitute, while forcing a young teenage girl to watch them. The scene depicts the man positioned between the woman's legs with thrusting movements shown, though no nudity is depicted as both remained clothed. In the midst of the sexual act, the man orders the prostitute to engage in violent play with him, and starts to hit and strangle the woman. When the teenage girl threatens to shoot him if he does not stop, he goads her and dares her to shoot him, while seemingly deriving pleasure both from the rough sex and the emotional torment that he is exacting on the teenage girl. While there is a suggestion of sadomasochism in the scene. The film also contains other sexual scenes that occur between the prostitutes and their customers.
violence The film also contains numerous scenes of violence and gore, which are portrayed realistically. In a more impactful scene, a man is stabbed in the abdomen and disemboweled by another man. His intestines are taken out and strung around his neck. The aftermath of this act is shown in a detailed, realistic manner. Aside from this, there are several scenes of violence where the victim's injuries are shown onscreen. For example, a woman slashes a man's neck and blood is shown gushing out from the wound. In another scene, a girl uses a small knife to dig out a bullet from a man's thigh.
frightening plot is on the main page correct and official ratings already included below by IMDB

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