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February 12 is simply one more day in Sam#39;s enchanted life, until it ends up being her last. Stuck remembering her last day more than one peculiar week, Sam unravels the riddle around her passing and finds everything she#39;s losing.

Mar 03,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Fantasy

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Imagine a scenario in which you had just a single day to change totally everything. Samantha Kingston has it all: the ideal companions, the ideal person, and an apparently culminate future. At that point, everything changes. Following one critical night, Sam awakens with no future by any stretch of the imagination. Caught remembering that day again and again she starts to address exactly how consummate her life truly was. What's more, as she starts to unravel the puzzle of an existence all of a sudden crashed, she should likewise loosen up the insider facts of the general population nearest to her, and find the energy of a solitary day to have any kind of effect, not simply in her own particular life, but rather in the lives of everyone around her - before she comes up short on schedule for good.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity some mild sexual references. A girl hands another girl a condom, saying: "No glove, no love" Sam and Rob are about to engage in sexual intercourse but it is implied that Sam withdraws and the scene cuts before anything graphic is shown. A teenager breifly flirts with her teacher.
violence A teenager runs into a street getting hit by an incoming car intentionally trying to commit suicide. A teenager gets into a fight with another girl at a party and everyone ends up throwing their full cups of alcoholic drinks at her A few teenagers, for a couple days in a row, end up in fatal car crashes.
profanity The film contains a couple utterances of the expletive "f**k", and some use of other bad language such as "bitches", "goddamn", and "hell". Name calling such as "psycho" and "Norma Bates" are used to describe a specific teen.
alcohol Teens at a party drink alcoholic beverages.
frightening There is a scene of bullying in the film where some popular girls ridicule a misfit by calling her names. It is suggested that the misfit commits suicide following the incident.

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