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Nov 04,2009

Hollywood Movies | Fantasy

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Length: 90 Minute(s)
A twist on the morality tale of forbidden love between the beautiful Belle and the feared Beast. As the villagers are being brutally murdered and the Beast is hunted down as the one responsible for the mayhem, Belle and Beast team up to defeat the real killer; the power-hungry witch's malevolent troll.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No sex scenes and no nudity, period.
violence Characters wield swords, knives, and cross-bows against each other throughout the movie, resulting in multiple profusely gushing and/or gaping wounds. (This includes a couple decapitations, both of which spurt blood.) A monster creature attacks people by ripping at their throats and necks with its teeth. Again, blood pours from the wounds, even long after the victims are dead. A witch uses witchcraft to try to destroy those that stand in her way. Tactics include, but are not limited to, turning people into stone, as well as sicking a violent creature of her creation on them.
profanity No uses of excessively vulgar language. There are a couple uses of minor terms such as "trollop".
alcohol Wine is poured and consumed briefly.
frightening The violence and action sequences in this movie are extremely amateurish and unrealistic to the point of silliness. That said, there are elements to these parts of the movie (e.g. decapitations and gratuitous blood) that may be frightening or disturbing to very young children. (See Violence & Gore) Also, an insentient creature (see Violence & Gore) in the story has a very monstrous/demon-like appearance that may frighten a younger audience.

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