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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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An adjustment of the tall tale about a tremendous looking ruler and a young lady who become hopelessly enamored.

Mar 15,2017

Hollywood Movies | Romance | Fantasy | Musical

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Disney's energized great goes up against another shape, with a broadened mythology and an elite player cast. A youthful ruler, detained as a mammoth, can be liberated just by intimate romance. What might be his exclusive open door arrives when he meets Belle, the main human young lady to visit the stronghold since it was captivated.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Brief kissing is shown between the titular characters in the film
violence Belle is chased by a pack of wolves, but the Beast saves her and fights off the wolves. There is a battle scene between the villagers and the castle's enchanted items. A duel scene between Gaston and the Beast.
profanity 2 uses of damnation.
alcohol Characters are shown drinking wine and beer. One scene is set in a bar and shows customers drinking beer. No smoking.
frightening There are several intense sequences that depict the characters in perilous situations. For example, there are scenes that depict characters being pursued and attacked by a pack of wolves while they are riding on horses. The wolves are seen to pounce on the characters, resulting in some inflicted wounds. However, the depictions are brief and without details of injuries. In addition, there is a scene that depicts villagers storming the Beast's castle and fighting the enchanted characters as they try to kill the Beast. The sequence contains depictions of the Beast being pursued by one of the characters, getting shot at and falling from a great height. Official MPAA Rating: Rated PG for frightening images, peril and some action violence.

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