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All you need is one killer track.

Jun 28,2017

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime

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After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None except one joke about roleplaying in the bedroom.
violence Strong violence throughout the entire film. However, the camera never lingers therefore a lot of the scenes are not gory. A character opens up his car trunk to reveal a dead body. Not too gory, a blood stain on his shirt. A character runs over another character and then runs over his body again a few moments later. A man drives forwards very fast and a man in the passenger seat gets implied by a lamppost. This is probably the most graphic scene in the movie. There is blood spurting everywhere on the window, windshield, and the rest of the characters have blood on them for the rest of the movie. A man's car is set on fire. He survives but later falls to his death. A woman is shot by police officers several times. The bullet holes aren't seen, but when she falls to the ground, some blood pools. A shootout happens where four people go against around 15. All 15 get shot with blood spurts, but this happens very quickly and the camera never lingers on any specific wound until he ending where the camera shows all of the dead bodies on the ground afterwards. During the ending 30 minutes, a couple police officers get shot with blood spray, and a man gets shot in the shoulder with a lot of blood. A man goes against four people with a shotgun. He managed to shoot three of them with a lot of blood spray, before getting shot. There is a lot of blood.The man then shoots the man who shot him in the head multiple times with a lot of blood spray on the ground beneath him. The man then gets hit by a car which kills him; then gets run over multiple times more.
profanity Frequent uses of the "f-word" "sh*t," "g*dd*mn," and "b*tch."
alcohol No onscreen drug use, but two references to "nasal problems" (cocaine habits) and a sequence where several characters accuse one another of drug addiction.
frightening A character continuously flashes back to a car crash involving his loved ones and is visibly distressed by it multiple times.

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