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A linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.

Nov 11,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi

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At the point when baffling shuttle touch down over the globe, a world class group - drove by master language specialist Louise Banks - is united to explore. As humankind wavers nearly worldwide war, Banks and the group race against time for answers - and to discover them, she will take a risk that could undermine her life, and potentially mankind.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence In one scene, an explosion occurs within the interiors of an alien spacecraft, causing two researchers to be flung backwards and suspended in mid-air. Minor, one of the researchers received a mild concussion only. Depictions of public disorder include scenes where citizens loot stores, fire weapons into the air and people gathering to participate in protests. Constant threat of military action throughout.
profanity "Holy f**k," used as an expression of surprise. One expression of "dammit", one of "hell."
frightening A subplot involves the death of a child from an incurable disease. The entire film carries a strong tension regarding the question of the aliens' purpose; an air of potential danger. It is portrayed in a realistic way, using news broadcasts, for example. Young children may require clarification that they are viewing fiction.

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