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A man handicapped by the ordinariness of his backgrounds something strange.

Jan 21,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Animation

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Michael Stone, a creator that has practical experience in client administration, is a man who can't communicate profoundly with other individuals. His low affectability to energy, and his absence of interest made him a man with a dull life all alone point of view. However, when he went on a business trip, he met an outsider - a remarkable more bizarre, which gradually turned into a cure for his negative perspective on life that perhaps will change his commonplace life.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Simulated sexual activity is depicted, but not excessive. The film contains a sexual scene where the protagonist is seen to kiss a woman and undress her before performing oral sex on her, with her guidance. He then moves on top of her, they both undress, and he manually places his penis inside her vagina, and the two engage in sexual intercourse for a period of time until they both climax. This is shown in a single, lingering wide shot, with thrusting clearly depicted and realistic sexual moans. As the sequence is prolonged and contains some details, it is more appropriate for an adult audience. The film also contains a scene where the protagonist stares out of the hotel window and sees a man masturbating in front of a computer screen. In addition, the film contains depictions of both male and female full frontal nudity (with clay puppets). In all instances where nudity is encountered, details such as the genitalia and bare breasts are visible. One example, taking place after the sexual intercourse stated above, the couple lie side by side, with full frontal nudity of the woman clearly visible. This is not shown in close-up. Another example is shown when the main protagonist comes out of the shower, and full frontal nudity is shown for an extended period of time, although never in close-up, and not in a sexual context. A scene also depicts the main protagonist going into a shop that sells sex toys, with the intention of getting a toy for his son. Dildos and other sexual paraphernalia are seen clearly throughout the shop, and the man is transfixed on a Japanese vintage doll, that realistically depicts the female anatomy, with upper frontal nudity visible on one half. The main protagonist gives the toy to his son later, where he comments that something is being secreted out of it, and his mother says it is "just a liquid".
violence In a strange surrealistic scene, a character's face begins twitching and disintegrating but with no blood or gore. His mouth section falls off revealing a seemingly man made metal face underneath .
profanity 40 Uses of "Fuck". (used significantly in a sexual context/in bursts) 5 Uses of "Shit". 4 Uses of "Bitch".
alcohol The main character smokes. Characters are shown drunk in social settings.
frightening There are many brief scenes with surrealistic elements, which some may find unsettling. The accuracy of the clay animation, and the fact that the voices of nearly all the film's characters are the same is unsettling. Despite being an animated film, this is NOT a film for children. It is recommended for mature adult audiences only.

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