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In 1942, a Canadian insight officer in North Africa experiences a female French Resistance warrior on a destructive mission behind adversary lines. When they rejoin in London, their relationship is tried by the weights of war.

Nov 17,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Romance | Thriller | War

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Amidst World War II, in turbulent 1942, a plane flies over Morocco and drops a Royal Canadian Air Force paratrooper who comes into arrive on a drop zone, some place in the abandon ridges outside Casablanca. In the nick of time before anybody sees him, the courageous Wing Commander Max Vatan gets in an auto and heads to the town with requests to meet Parisian Marianne Beauséjour, an adroit individual from the French Resistance. Determined to kill the German Ambassador in Casablanca, the two agents must persuade each one of their actual emotions as a wedded couple, while out of sight, they have to make the important arrangements for the basic soirée. Immediately, after the accomplishment of this suicide mission, Max and Marianne escape together to England with arrangements on wedding and making a family, paying little heed to the war. Rather, substantial billows of doubt and doubt debilitate their relationship, when Max gets a call from the Secret Service Division to educate him that his ...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The protagonists are seen engaged in sex in bed, male rear nudity, sexual positions and thrusting movements. Another scene depicting sexual activity between the protagonists in a car, no nudity only shows the undressed man on top of the woman. Briefly, a woman's bare breasts are seen, and buttocks of a male character.
violence The film contains some scenes of violence between the protagonists and German soldiers, which involve exchanges of gunfire resulting in blood spurts.
profanity There are some utterances of the expletive "f**k" voiced in the film. Goddamn, damn, for Chr*sts sake
alcohol Characters snort a white substance in the background. In several scenes characters are seen smoking and drinking. Characters discuss getting alcohol and visit pubs. Several characters are drunk in some scenes.
frightening The plot is on the main page, IMDB includes the correct official ratings below.

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