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A goal-oriented youthful official is sent to recover his organization#39;s CEO from an untainted yet puzzling quot;wellbeing focusquot; at a remote area in the Swiss Alps, however soon presumes that the spa#39;s medications are not what they appear.

Feb 15,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror | Mystery

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A goal-oriented youthful official is sent to recover his organization's CEO from a pure yet baffling "health focus" at a remote area in the Swiss Alps. He soon speculates that the spa's phenomenal medications are not what they appear. When he starts to unwind its alarming mysteries, his rational soundness is tried, as he gets himself determined to have the same inquisitive ailment that keeps every one of the visitors here yearning for the cure.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Their is an implied sex about 50 min throughout the film. A room is seen with men floating in tanks filled with eels. Their genitals are briefly seen. A woman asks questions about sex. (She has lived in the spa her whole life and is curious when she hears a man talking about it) A man tells another man to get in a spa naked so the girls will do it too
violence The strongest scenes of violence include one where a woman swings a spade into a man's head, causing it to be lodged in between the victim's face; a scene where a man, who has been held captive, has his front tooth drilled through by a dentist drill; and a scene where a man is forced to swallow live eels while he is restrained in a cylindrical tank.
profanity The film contains some utterances of the expletive "fuck", as well as other language such as the terms "shit" and "hell".
frightening plot info on main page, rating info below by IMDB.

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