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King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Mar 09,2007

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In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. Persian King Xerxes lead a Army of well over 100,000 (Persian king Xerxes before war has about 170,000 army) men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, and several hundred Arcadians. Xerxes waited for 10 days for King Leonidas to surrender or withdraw left with no options he moved. The battle lasted for about 3 days and after which all 300 Spartans were killed. The Spartan defeat was not the one expected, as a local shepherd, named Ephialtes, defected to the Persians and informed Xerxes of a separate path through Thermopylae, which the Persians could use to outflank the Greeks.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man makes a remark about a young man being too young to have felt the warmth of a woman. A woman wears very low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage, showing part of her bare breasts from the side and bare abdomen, in many scenes. A man is shown nude from the back. There is a sex scene. Nudity is shown but in dim lighting.
violence A wolf with large fangs and claws and glowing red eyes snarls and circles around a boy, the boy walks into a cave, the wolf follows and lunges for the boy, but it is trapped in a narrow passageway and the boy stabs it through the mouth (we see the shadow on the cave wall of the spear entering the wolf and we hear it whimper). A man is struck through the chest by a spear and falls from his horse. Many arrows are launched toward men who cover themselves with their shields. A man loses the use of his eye during a battle. (Not the actual eye). We see a boy being taken from his mother at the age of 7 (the mother struggles against two guards holding her, as does the boy). A woman slaps a man in the face. Many ships are crushed during a heavy storm A man climbs up a sheer rock wall. A man grieves over the death of his son. A man talks about a group of warriors who cannot be killer or defeated. We hear about boys being trained to be warriors by being placed in extreme circumstances and left to fight for survival. A man is dismissive of a woman and questions her right to speak to men. A man threatens a man with death.
profanity 4 uses of hell 1 use of whore. A hunchback has a speech disorder, and tries to say motherf**ker, but says motha fugga instead.
alcohol None
frightening The violence in this movie is graphic. Very bloody and violent movie.

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