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They thought the streets were mean. Then they went back to high school.

Mar 12,2012

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Crime

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Length: 109 Minute(s)
In high school, Schmidt was a dork and Jenko was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Crude humor throughout A man says "Do you want me to beat your d___ off?" (as a threat of violence) An officer straddles a man lying face down on the ground and dry humps him 2x as a means to taunt him. A fully clothed woman bends over to flaunt her backside to a (perceived) teenage boy. A man puts a toy horse between his legs and thrusts it into the face of another man as a means to taunt him. He further taunts the man with the toy with lewd gestures. A man punches a kid and taunts him by calling him gay, discovering that the kid is in fact gay. A woman says to two men, "Meanwhile, you two are standing around, finger-popping each other's a__holes." A man opens a door and interrupts three teens having sex. A very brief glimpse, but all three are shown nude and sandwiched together from the side. While a man stands through a limousine sunroof, a drunk teenage girl tries (but fails) to unzip his pants, implying intent to perform oral sex. A man's severed penis is shown briefly on the ground. He picks it up with his mouth to salvage it. (Though it involves a sex organ, this moment was not meant to be sexual.) A young man kisses an 18 yr old teenage girl. A brief sex scene against a wall (no nudity)
violence While the violence in this film is sometimes intense and/or bloody, it never leaves the film's comedic tone. A bloody shootout in a hotel room involves a motorcycle gang, two teenagers, a teacher, and two police officers: everyone has a handgun, rifle, or automatic weapon and the room fills with loud gunfire when a drug deal goes bad, a bullet goes through one man's neck and into a wall and we see a lot of blood splattering, another man is shot twice in the chest and see blood streaming from the wounds as the two men fall on the floor next to one another and die; four other men are killed and we see some blood, a man threatens to shoot and kill an unconscious teen girl, a police officer receives a severe shoulder wound with a lot of blood while another bullet is stopped by his bulletproof vest, and a teen boy gets a bloody nose and lip from being hit in the face with a gun. Two police officers arrest a man and one shoots him in the groin (we see some blood splatter as the man falls to his knees); the man screams loudly, saying that his penis needs to be sewn back on. Two chase scenes involve a middle-aged motorcycle gang, limousines, a large car, and a small car containing two undercover police officers that have commandeered cars from civilians (once by punching an elderly man unconscious); the men all have handguns and shoot continually at one another while two limos run off the road, one catches fire and explodes when a police officer throws a Molotov cocktail into it (we see a dead, completely charred corpse on the pavement), motorcycles fall over and slide under trucks, fuel tankers are shot, a tanker drive drives over the legs of a downed biker (we see a little blood), a biker shoots a bottle of whiskey out of a girl's hand as she stands up in the sunroof of a car, and as a final downed biker and his cycle slide under a chicken truck, the truck explodes into flames (feathers fly everywhere). Fistfights break out at a high school party resulting in broken vases, and a knife is found in the shoulder of one man; he apparently did not feel being stabbed, a teen boy pulls it out and a teen girl pours vodka over the wound (we see some blood on the knife as it is removed and a bloodied nose and lip on another teen boy). We hear that a teen boy died from a new street drug called "H.F.S." (please see the Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking section), which has as a logo a pile of excrement topped by a halo. We see a video of the boy after a dose of the drug, pounding on things in his room, kicking, yelling, and hopping on a bed, as well as a brief shot of a photo of his dead body. A teen boy kicks a heavy trash can in anger; another teen copies him, winces, and hops in pain. A man posing as a teen punches a teen boy hard in the face knocking him down. In the back of a limo, an inebriated teen girl attempts to unzip the fly of an undercover police officer; he pushes her hand away, has the driver slow down, and pushes her out of the car and onto the pavement. Two men run onto a high school stage during a play and get into a fight; one swings from a harness and cable and the other jumps onto him repeatedly, breaks the cable apparatus and disrupts the play. A man pushes a middle-aged woman into a pile of shoeboxes on the floor of a department store to make her stop talking (she is unhurt). We learn that gay kids are bullied at a high school and the principal of the high school says, "No one including me is doing anything about it." A teen boy brings two large handguns to an alley, gives them to two men he thinks are teens, and asks them to help him with a drug deal as protectors; the two adults fire at beer bottles in the alley for practice and break every one. Roommates at a police academy shoot a toy gun at each other in their room and practice with real handguns on the firing range. A police officer practices rolling off the hood of a car, but instead hits the windshield, shatters it, falls back on on the ground (he is unhurt), and comments that he thinks he defecated in his pants. A police officer threateningly asks a drug dealer if he wants him to beat his penis off; the drug dealer misinterprets and another police officer clarifies what the first one meant was that he will punch the drug dealer "so many times in the genital area that your d*ck's just going to fall off." While heavily padded, two men in a police academy practice throws in the hand-to-hand combat course, grunting and slamming each other to the mat. A police captain shouts at and insults two of the officers on his team. A man threatens to shoot and kill an unconscious teen girl (using graphic language) and a police officer says it looks like she is dead already; the man says she is only asleep. Three teen boys and an adult man make a bomb out of a plastic bottle and watch it explode; they are also seen vandalizing a police car. Two police officers strap guns underneath their tuxedos for a high school prom in order to capture drug suppliers. Throughout the film, undercover police officers argue with one another, with their captain, with the parents of one of the officers, with teachers at a high school, with teenagers, and with members of a motorcycle gang. An adult man and a teen boy pretend to fight with invisible weapons; one pretends to cut the arm off the other. A man tells another man that he would have taken a bullet for him, but not after they had a fight. Using crude language, a police captain tells two undercover officers that if they break the rules, he will throw them in prison, tape a snorkel to their mouths, and defecate into it. We see two police officers throwing their guns into the air, catching them, and pointing them at each other as a game (it is implied that one of the guns is loaded). A man punches another man in the groin. Two undercover police officers in a car accidentally hit a man on a motorcycle; he falls onto the hood of the car and angrily starts hitting the car and jumping up and down on the hood. Gunshots and yelling are seen and heard briefly from a television. A police officer vomits on another police officer when he thinks he might have killed someone. After swallowing drugs to maintain their cover at a school, two police officers run into a bathroom stall and try to gag themselves and each other to induce vomiting (it does not work). Unable to vomit a drug that two police officers ingested, they become manic and frenzied, they hallucinate that a coach turns into an ice cream cone and melts (please see Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking section), and they finally fall asleep.
profanity 20-30+ F-words and its derivatives, 3 obscene hand gestures, 20 sexual references, 72 scatological terms, 57 anatomical terms, 20 mild obscenities, 9 religious profanities, 4 religious exclamations.
alcohol The plot of the movie involves a high school based drug ring. There are many comic references to drugs throughout. Middle-aged bikers smoke marijuana in an urban area and a bag of cocaine is found inside one of their motorcycles. A teen boy is shown in a home video after having taken a fictional drug and he becomes manic and hyperactive before becoming violent, throwing things around his room; we learn that he died from an overdose and catch a quick glimpse of a photo of his dead body. Two undercover police officers ingest a fictional drug and its effects are depicted vividly (hallucinations, mania, hyperactivity, giddiness). Two undercover police officers throw a party for underage teens with several kegs of beer and dozens of bottles of hard liquor as well as a pound of marijuana taken from the police evidence room (we also see a pound of cocaine briefly); we see about 50 teens drinking hard liquor and beer from bottles and kegs, and several teens smoking marijuana as they party. The parents of an undercover police officer are shown smoking marijuana as they drive in their car. We see a teen girl at a school prom acting uncontrollably giggly after taking a fictional drug and she becomes erratic in behavior. An inebriated prostitute is seen in the back of a limo with an undercover police officer, and she is shown behaving drunkenly. In the ending credits montage, we see a line of cocaine being suctioned through a rolled up dollar bill.
frightening The prom scene is intense. A man is shown vomiting.

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