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HD The tale of three ladies who investigate love and opportunity in Southern California amid the late 1970s.

Dec 25,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Love, life, and the battles of a mother raising a child in the mid 70's. The numbness of a free soul against the requirements of a young fellow attempting to locate his actual character and convictions. Living in a bohemian family imparted to 3 similarly invested lively individuals to help pay the lease, his mom tries to build up bonds that he can't manage. She can't manage his failure to talk, and enrolls the assistance of different females throughout his life to share the weight of his childhood. Gradually life unwinds for them all without seeing how. Despite their apparent battles, they all go ahead to live characterized lives with no genuine results.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Sex is frequently discussed, especially with regards to the differences in how men and women experience sex. Intelligent and frank sex talk is a major theme of the movie. A women asks a man if he wants to fool around, he agrees. They undress to underwear, kiss and talk. Later their moaning can be heard. A woman can be seen briefly in underwear when dressing. A teenage boy discusses sex with a teenage girl while she is wearing only underwear. A montage of a man's previous lovers is shown, some of the women's breasts are seen for a second or so each. A teenage boy crudely discusses his sex acts with a girl. Another teenage boy responds that he did not stimulate her clitoris properly, in detail.
violence Teenage boys play a game where they cause each other to pass out. One boy is shown to recover after only a second, but the main character does not wake up for half an hour. He is taken to the hospital, where he recovers. This is an extended and dramatic scene. Two teenage boys get into a fistfight which is briefly shown. A car is shown on fire. There is no known reason why the fire started.
profanity 5 f-words or less. Very minimal language in general. "Art Fags" is spray painted on a car.
alcohol All of the characters in the film smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol. It is implied that a teenage boy may have taken LSD or other drugs. Drugs and cigarettes are often referenced. A woman smokes constantly and is said to die of lung cancer from smoking.
frightening The movie is emotionally complex and focuses on conversations about adulthood. Best for mature teens 16 and up.

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