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A gutsy mountain climber gets to be caught under a rock while canyoneering alone close Moab, Utah and resorts to edgy measures keeping in mind the end goal to survive.
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127 Hours is the genuine story of mountain climber Aron Ralston's astounding enterprise to spare himself after a fallen rock crashes on his arm and traps him in a detached gulch in Utah. Throughout the following five days Ralston analyzes his life and survives the components to at long last find he has the boldness and the fortitude to remove himself by any methods vital, scale a 65 foot divider and trek more than eight miles before he can be safeguarded. All through his adventure, Ralston reviews companions, beaus, family, and the two climbers he met before his mischance. Will they be the last two individuals he ever had the opportunity to meet?

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Aron falls into a small crack, his arm crushed by a boulder. There is a mild amount of blood on the wall where his arm is pinned. He accidentally hits his head twice (hard) on rock when trying to get loose. Aron amputates his arm and it is extremely graphic. He first breaks one bone by hitting it against the side of the canyon. The second bone is broken by doing the same thing the opposite way. He really struggles with the second bone, in a lot of pain from it. He then starts cutting into his arm with a utility knife, and much blood can be seen around his arm and in the cut. There is a very quick (blink-and-you-miss-it) shot of him ripping out an artery but it is very quick so it's hard to catch. Then comes the nerve. It looks a lot like dental floss thin spaghetti and when he touches it, a very disturbing sound that sounds almost like the board game "Operation" is heard for dramatic effect. This is the really disturbing scene because it really shows the pain he is in from it. Even when he touches it, he is screaming in pain. When he actually pulls it out, you can tell how much pain he is in. It can be very unsettling. He cuts and tears for about ten more seconds until he is free. This is extremely graphic and realistic.
profanity 13 f-words and 12 s-words. Milder profanities are uttered as well.
alcohol There are two short scenes that show people consuming alcoholic beverages.
frightening Aron starts to go insane. Some may find this unsettling. Having to cut off his hand in order to survive, it requires him to break the bones in his arm. The amputation scene is very violent and graphic. When he has to cut the nerves in his arms, it is causes him unbearable pain. Also when he snaps the bones in his arm the noises may be very disturbing.Also during the amputation disturbing noises are heard. Reportedly, during the film's premiere, some people actually fainted. That's really how intense it is. Aron has to drink his own urine at some point, in order not to dehydrate. He almost vomits. People can just skip the amputation sequence, as it takes up around four minutes of a 90-minute film. BBFC - (15): strong gory injury, strong language.

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