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An epic, sweeping and riveting tale of an impossible love set across two time periods and continents .
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Great Barrier Reef, 2020. After a dangerous dive to save his wife Laura trapped while exploring an colonial British merchant ship wreckage, Jay Fennel, a rugged and attractive marine archeologist lies brain dead in a Boston hospital. Fennel's dream-like coma takes us back in time to Pune, India in 1778. The British East India Company is invading the palaces and a young captain named James Stewart, who bears a striking resemblance to Fennel, is about to embark on a dangerous mission. Along the way he encounters murder, deceit, betrayal and revenge. He falls deeply in love with an Indian She-warrior named Tulaja, an impossible love which he must fight for. Only the power of a ring can transcend time and save a life .

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Movie Parental Guide

violence There are several battle scenes depicted in the film featuring sword and gun-fighting, with some slashing and shooting visible. Some of the stronger scenes include one in which a man is slashed briefly in the throat before another man is surrounded and stabbed by guards with spears; a scene featuring a close shot of a woman being stabbed in the stomach; a scene of a man wrestling another man in a stream before stabbing the latter repeatedly; etc. The impact of the violent acts is visible in most of the above-mentioned scenes, but only briefly and is accompanied by the sight of blood in some instances.
profanity The film also contains the use of coarse language such as the swear word 'f**k' which is uttered by some of the characters mostly out of frustration.
frightening Set across two time periods and continents, 'The Lovers' is an action-romance drama about a marine archaeologist who lies brain dead in a hospital after a dangerous dive to save his wife. His dream-like coma takes him back to India in the past where a young captain who bears a striking resemblance to him falls in love with a female Indian warrior. Their fate is intertwined by the power of a magical ring, which may potentially save the marine archaeologist's life.

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