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European soldiers of fortune hunting down dark powder end up noticeably involved in the guard of the Great Wall of China against a swarm of colossal animals.
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At the point when a soldier of fortune warrior (Matt Damon) is detained inside the Great Wall, he finds the riddle behind one of the best ponders of the world. As wave after rush of ravaging mammoths attack the huge structure, his mission for fortune transforms into an excursion toward bravery as he joins a colossal armed force of tip top warriors to face the unfathomable and apparently relentless compel.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Moderate portrayals of violence with some detail are depicted. Said portrayals of violence also include some infliction of pain and injury, but they are never detailed, intense or prolonged. The film contains several battle sequences where the mercenaries and the armies join forces in order to fight giant, ferocious creatures as they attack the city in swarms, trying to scale the walls. In one of the battle scenes, men are seen to impale the creatures with arrows and spears, with greenish blood seen spurting as the Taotie continue to charge at them. The men eventually kill some of the creatures by firing arrows into their eyes. In another scene, soldiers activate large shearing mechanisms that slice the bodies of the Taotie into two as they try to climb over the walls. In addition, there is a scene depicting a man being shot in the neck by the mercenaries with an arrow, and some scenes featuring the creatures devouring some soldiers. However, the scenes are generally brief and do not dwell on the details of injury.
profanity There are several utterances of swear words in the film, such as "bastards" and "bitch".
frightening plot is on main page official ratings below by IMDB.

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