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There are other worlds than these

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The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Not a lot of blood or gore, but general fantasy/action violence - lots of gun fighting, with bodies falling and hand to hand type combat. Many magic based attacks. lots of closeups of guns being fired and reloaded. Character burns the face of another person, leaving a red mark. 2 kids get into a fist fight Several characters will themselves to die after being influenced by magic (non-violent/gory) Character commands several people to die or kill others (non-gory). Several characters are burned to death (not seen) Man lays dying in a field Man is shot with bullets, a hole shows in his head and jacket (no blood) Man is stabbed in hand with glass, blood around wound Dead bodies seen scattered on ground in several scenes Character is stabbed in the back with a knife Monster stabs man with stinger, the wound isn't really seen, but it makes sickly veins stand out on his arm. Innocents are attacked and killed by bad guys Characters are shot, occasional blood spray, but not graphic. A woman drinks red liquid out of a cup, possibly blood but not stated.
profanity not that I remember. Possibly light usage like damn or hell.
alcohol A wounded character takes a lot of prescribed pain killers (done for comedic effect). A character drinks red liquid out of a wine glass in a club
frightening Intense scenes of kids being kidnapped and strapped into medical type chairs, often in distress. Several intense scenes of monster attacks - monsters are frightening looking. Many characters are animalistic looking and have "fake skin", these "skin masks" hang up in a shop. Characters lose family members and are distressed and sometimes see visions of their loved ones. Official ratings included below by IMDB.

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