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Three young ladies are seized by a man with an analyzed 23 unmistakable identities, they should attempt to escape before the evident rise of an appalling new 24th.

Jan 19,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror

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At the point when three young ladies are grabbed by a man with 23 distinct identities they need to work out which of those identities will help them escape and which of those identities will attempt to stop them.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There are situations where young girls are seen in their underwear. A man is seen on all fours behind a rock, presumedly naked, telling a little girl to take off her clothes so she can pretend to be an animal, telling her animals do not wear clothes. She is shown with her hands on her jacket zipper, but the scene changes just as she begins to unzip the jacket. It is possible he sexually assaulted the child, as the man is then shown fully dressed but buttoning his top, and the girl is shown fully dressed but her jacket is not longer on.
violence One of the stronger scenes depicts a man wrapping his arms around an older woman and breaking her bones while suffocating her. There are close-up shots of the man's arms around the victim's stomach, and shots of her face as she gasps in addition with the sound of her bones being broken. A young girl points a shotgun to a man. There is a off-screen act of cannibalism. We see the aftermath of one victim briefly, with her intestines visible. Another seen where a victim is pulled off screen and next a close up, blurred but loudly audible cannibalism of the victim takes place as he body is eaten. The antagonist sees one 17 year old girl with knife-cuts scars on her stomach (near her navel), by her shoulders, and other parts of her body. Implying that her so called uncle, has been inflicting knife cuts, all over her body. There is a scene of a female character shooting a man with some shots of the latter being hit by bullets and the sight of some bloody wounds visible on the man's body though it does not kill him.
profanity a few "shits" and other curses.
alcohol A scene takes place inside of a bar where people are consuming alcohol.

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