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A fruitful speculation investor battles in the wake of losing his better half in a heartbreaking auto accident. With the assistance of a client administration rep and her young child, he begins to reconstruct, starting with the decimation of the life he once knew.

Apr 08,2016

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Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), a fruitful speculation broker, battles in the wake of losing his better half in a sad pile up. Regardless of weight from his dad in-law, Phil (Chris Cooper), to force it together, Davis keeps on disentangling. What begins as a protestation letter to a candy machine organization transforms into a progression of letters uncovering startling individual confirmations. Davis' letters get the consideration of client administration rep, Karen (Naomi Watts), and, in the midst of passionate and money related weights of her own, the two frame an impossible association. With the assistance of Karen and her child Chris (Judah Lewis), Davis begins to remake, starting with the pulverization of the life he once knew.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There are some sexual references in the film when Chris asks Davis for advice about his sexuality. There is also a scene where Karen is verbally harassed by a stranger who asks if he could touch her breasts. After the leading man takes as shower, he is shown from the side, fully nude, sitting on the toilet seat (at around 50 minutes).
profanity The film contains utterances of coarse language such as the expletives 'motherf**ker' and 'f**k'. These are used in a non-aggressive manner as part of the characters' conversations with one another. "F***K" and/or "Motherf***ker" was mentioned 25+ times during the duration of the film. Twelve of them were used in one scene in a conversation between the main character and a 15 year old boy. This scene lasted 3 minutes.
alcohol There are some drug references in the film where the female protagonist, Karen, is implied to be abusing marijuana. In one instance, she purchases a pack of marijuana from an elderly man and licks a piece of paper in preparation of a joint. There are, however, no further details as she is later seen smoking from a distance. Other instances where Karen is implied to be consuming marijuana depict her holding a joint between her fingers and a glowing ember seen inside her vehicle which is parked at a distance.
frightening 'Demolition' is a drama revolving around Davis Mitchell, a successful investment banker who loses his wife in a car accident. In an attempt to cope with the traumatic experience, Davis sets out to unravel his life by deconstructing the objects around him; including his home. He also writes multiple complaint letters to a vending machine company which leads him to befriend Karen, the company's customer service officer, and her son, Chris. The film also contains some potentially harmful imitable behavior. For instance, Davis asks Chris to fire a loaded weapon at him after putting on a bulletproof vest. Another example shows Davis and Chris destroying his home using various heavy tools. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for language, some sexual references, drug use and disturbing behavior Index Green: General - Suitable for all ages, parental guidance is advised for some content/thematic elements, the strongest of which are in bold. [Blue]: Age Advisory - Suitable for 16 and above, parental guidance strongly recommended, due to moderate portrayal of some content.

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