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While going to their getaway lodge, five companions succumb to a tissue eating illness.

May 12,2016

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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While going to their getaway lodge, five companions succumb to a tissue eating illness.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man says he is going to have relentless sex with a woman, while on holiday. A man and a woman have sex. Scene lasts a few seconds and features several jump cuts showing them in various positions. The women's breasts are shown, with clearly visible nipple piercings. Her numerous tattoos all over her body, including 'stitching tattoos' under her breast, are also shown. An elderly man and woman claim they have been 'seen' during their sex. The man is in his underpants and the woman covered in some coat. A man and a woman take a dip in a lake. They discuss kissing. A man and a woman kiss. The man touches her breast from outside her clothes. Then she proceeds to lower her hands down to her private parts. They are interrupted at this point by her as she feels pain. A woman tells her male friend that their crisis is like being on a flight that is bound to crash and tells him that people in situations like that ought to grab the person beside them and "f*** the s*** out of them", because they will both be dead soon, so the consequences won't matter. The woman and her friend then hug each other tightly and after the hug, they kiss. The kisses turn passionate. The man lifts the woman on to a kitchen counter and they begin to undress one another as they continue to kiss. The woman's breasts are clearly shown (she is the same woman from the previous sex scene). After a brief cutaway to another character, the scene resumes with the man and woman now completely naked. We see the woman's ass and her breasts some more. They are now having vigorous sex while still kissing continuously. After a while, the man lifts the woman off the counter she's sitting on and on to the counter opposite, where the sex continues. Through the kitchen window we see the man dragging his fingers across the woman's back. His fingers make bloody wounds, but neither of them seem to notice. The woman from the previous sex scene has a bath. Her breasts are shown once again. Her body begins to succumb to the disease during the bath and parts of her flesh get peeled off her body, including one of her pierced nipples, which she is briefly shown holding in her hand. Same woman later runs outdoors, seemingly fully nude, but with her one breast and genitals covered in thick blood.
violence Lot of gore and blood, as every person who visits the cabin is infected, one after the other and rots away. Some very graphic, gory scenes of people decaying alive due to the virus, as well as various acts of violence.
profanity Lot of F words and use of words like 'Prick'.
alcohol Main characters drink and also seem to smoke weed.
frightening Some scenes, particularly the gory scenes, can be intense.

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