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On one final street trip before they#39;re sent to serve in Vietnam, two siblings and their lady friends get into a mishap that calls their neighborhood sheriff to the scene. Consequently starts an unnerving knowledge where the adolescents are taken to a segregated place of detestations, where a youthful, would-be executioner is being sustained.

Oct 06,2006

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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In August, 1939, a laborer starts giving birth while working in a slaughterhouse and bites the dust after an entangled work, however the disfigured youngster survives. The conceivably stranded child is dumped in a trash compartment and found by a hobo later, who brings him home. Along the years, the rationally impeded and exasperates kid called Thomas is raised by the Hewitt family notwithstanding having mental issues and additionally experiencing an anonymous skin issue, later working in a meat pressing plant. In July, 1969, when the office is shut, the tenants move to different spots, yet the distorted, rationally uncorrupt Thomas flies into a wrath subsequent to being offended and executes the foreman. His disturbed sibling (considered his uncle because of their age contrast) executes the sheriff that is going to capture Thomas, and expect his personality, wearing his clothes,driving his auto however the streets in Texas and entitling himself as Sheriff Hoyt. Then, the siblings Eric and Dean are going in a Jeep with...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 Hoyt leans into Bailey a couple of times, insinuating sexual interest and terrorizing her. Girls wear short skirts, midriff tops, low-riding bellbottoms, showing some skin; their clothes become skimpier throughout the film due to ravaging, falling, water, and blood. Brief moments of kissing between couples. A man is tied up to the bed as his girlfriend kisses him. It is implied that woman is raped. A woman is hiding under a truck while a man unzips his pants and begins peeing. We don't see anything but the woman's disgusted expressions.
violence 10/10 Blood everywhere. A birth scene at the beginning is pained and ugly, with lots of screaming (mother dies, baby is monstrous); Baby Leatherface is trained to kill and cut up animals. Brief shot of gross roadkill. A old man is shot in the leg. A character's head is repeatedly smashed against the ground. Blood eventually begins showing. Chopping of animal parts emphasizes loud sounds and bloody aftermath. Weapons throughout include handgun, knives, chainsaw, sawed-off and regular shotguns, meat hook, hammer, cleaver and a bear trap. A jeep hits a cow (bloody mess all over the screen), then flips several times, leaving occupants bloodied and tearful. Leatherface brings one of his victims into his basement. He cuts of the skin on their face and wear it as a mask for the rest of the movie. Two cops are hit by a out of control car. Torture scenes show bodies tied to table, hanging from ceiling, nailed to table. Leatherface saws off his uncle's legs (explicit image) and saws through the backs of three other characters. Kids attempt feeble stabbing and punching of their adversaries and are repeatedly beaten back, in gory detail. A woman hides by submerging herself in a pool of blood, after she climbs out, she's covered with blood for the rest of the movie. A girl jumps through a glass window (survives the jump). A woman grabs a woman by the hair and holds her head up exposing her neck. A man then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts through the woman's neck. A man and his brother are hanged from the ceiling by their wrists and tortured. A man is impaled through the back with a chainsaw as he's lifted completely off the ground by the killer. A woman is impaled (through the backseat of a car) through bare groin with a chainsaw. A girl is shot, blood is shown. A character has the back of his legs hit repeatedly with a tire iron, badly enough that he can't get up and run away. A man gets hit with a heavy object, another character attacks him as soon as he falls to the ground, his head is smashed repeatedly on the floor after being punched, it is implied that he dies from being beaten. Animals are killed in a slaughterhouse. A man is hit by a giant sludge hammer. The man falls and leather face hits the table, which then falls on the man. The man struggles to get up and leather face continuously hits his legs with the sludge hammer. Leather face then raises his sludge hammer and smashes it into the mans head. The impact is shown and a noise of glass breaking is heard.
profanity 6/10 30 F-Words, along with other profanity e.g. hell and shit. Name calling (cocksucker, asshole and gooks.)
alcohol 3/10 Cigarette smoking and beer drinking in a bar. At the dinner table wine is poured and drunk.
frightening 9/10 The film overall is intense and dramatic. It's relentlessly bloody, dark-shadowed, and gruesome, with the titular chainsaw wreaking predictable (but still dire) havoc. Violence is graphic and incessant, with a range of weapons (guns, meat hooks, cleavers) producing severed limbs and body parts. A cow is smashed to bloody smithereens by a jeep. Human victims are tortured (hung from hooks, tied up, taunted, stabbed, and sawed.) The last 20-30 is especially suspenseful (intense chase scenes). 33/50

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