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Mr Wickers and his class go on one final school trip after they finish their GCSEs. Watch Online And Download The Bad Education Movie (2015) Full Length Movie for Free with single click

Aug 21,2015

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Mr Wickers and his class go on one final school trip after they finish their GCSEs.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Alfie goes on a zipwire. Just before he jumps, Mitchell pulls down Alfie's trousers, revealing Alfie's naked lower body. His bottom and testicals are shown in detail! Alfie takes his class to a strip club, where a one-legged woman and Stephen dance seductively, but neither undress. Alfie accepts a dare to teabag a swan, which results in the swan biting him. His testicles are seen on the swan's head in detail. A box full of sex toys is shown and they're used as weapons. This includes dildos, anal beads and a blow up doll. While being lifted by a helicopter, a man tries to grab onto Alfie, only resulting on his trousers being pulled down again. His bottom is shown and his penis is briefly visible for at most, half a second!
violence Alfie accidentally stab's Joe's hand. Whiskey is poured over it in an attempt to numb the pain. He accidentally touches a cigar which results on his whole arm being set on fire. He then runs into a wall. Alfie's testicles are bitten A man resembling Alfie is tasered. A big fight between the Cornish Liberation Army and police breaks out
profanity Regular uses of 'Fuck', 'Shit' and 'Twat' A couple of uses of 'Motherfucker' Alot of secual inuendo and references are made throughout the film
alcohol Men are shown drinking whiskey and smoking. A lot of people drink at a party.
frightening (I have never had to clean up a parents guide so badly before! Please keep it relevent!!)

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