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In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter .

Oct 05,2012

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller

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The retired CIA agent Bryan Mills invites his teenage daughter Kim and his ex-wife Lenore, who has separated from her second husband, to spend a couple of days in Istanbul where he is working. Meanwhile, the patriarch of the community of the Albanian gang of human trafficking, Murad Krasniqi, seeks revenge for the death of his son and organizes another gang to kidnap Bryan and his family. Bryan and Lenore are abducted by the Albanians, but Kim escapes and is the only hope that Bryan has to escape and save Lenore .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 Bryan peers in a window at Kim and her boyfriend in a make-out session. We see the boyfriend fumbling around at Kim's clothed chest in an attempt to open her top. Kim is seen in bikini after swimming. Kim wears a jacket with the front unbuttoned, revealing a considerable amount of cleavage. She's wearing very short shorts. Her legs are showing. Kim runs through a hotel in her bra. Her breasts are easily seen. a few other scenes showing woman in bikini A torturer runs a blade down the front of Lenore's chest snipping at her clothes while he leans in to smell her. One of the bad guys talks to Bryan in lurid terms about how Kim will be sold and abused by many men.
violence 7/10 There is a lot of violence in some parts of the film , although overall it is not too graphic. The worst is implied rather than shown: Several people are tortured. And while most of the direct injuries are kept off-screen, the consequences are obvious to the viewer. For example, we see one man in the midst of being tortured, his face bloodied and his nose smashed. The torturer runs a blade down the man's torso and then stabs him in the genitals (just below the camera's view), leaving him screaming in pain. A women's neck is slashed (shown briefly), a burlap bag is jammed down over her head, and she's suspended upside down with the intention that she will slowly bleed to death. One kidnapper threatens to cut a hostage into pieces and mail her home. Bryan is chained to an overhead pipe and beaten. Men are shot point-blank, hit with cars, and thrown off high staircases and walls. A car filled with thugs is hit by a train and bursts into flames. A man shoves another man's head into a coat hook, impaling the back of his head (shown briefly and partially obscured). In the Extended Cut, we see a bit more blood and hard-hitting violence (It is often very brief and hardly adds to the impact however).
profanity 4/10 A few mild profanities, not much for a film of this nature: A half-dozen uses of shit We also hear multiple uses of "bitch" and "bastard." Two "goddamn", and two for God Sakes. Several, 5-6, God exclamations.
alcohol 2/10 Bryan and Lenore share a glass of wine together. Bryan and his pals have beer and wine with their barbecue. Some of the Albanian thugs swig from a bottle of booze and smoke cigarettes.
frightening 6/10 The scenes with the presence of blood might upset some audiences. The theme and background of the movie is intense and somewhat disturbing, as the antagonists of the last film want revenge for what happened, so Bryan and his family are in constant threat. A car chase has once careful-dad Bryan pushing Kim to drive like a maniac through the streets of Istanbul smashing into cars, barricades and shop fronts while scattering pedestrians. several torture scenes and scenes where people are placed in danger The first one was more violent than this one, but not recommended for young children without the parental view. 13+

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